Very long range aiming idea. (61+ tiles)

I have a very rough idea of what might be the solution for the github project of expanding the combat engagement/interaction area.

Targeting minigame.

Basically you aim to the center mass, head, upper limbs or lower limbs in a simple ascii ui (think about v.a.t.s. but simpliflied). Each option has a percentage based hit chance with variables like wind sway and guessing if the target is standing still or moving in one direction. Can only be done with targets at a 61+ tiles distance.

I doubt this can be done because of coding limitations but i thought it was a good idea to voice out this.

You’re conflating two unrelated things.
One is engaging targets at a distance. This is an entirely technical problem of managing data in the game engine.

The other is how target selection works. Regardless of distance, I’m not interested in a target selection minigame, it’s not something people do in a real firefight, therefore it’s not something I’m interested in having on the game.

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To further elaborate on ‘they don’t do that in a real fire fight’
Unlike how many video games like to make it out, you are always trained and supposed to aim for center mass. This gives the highest chance of successfully hitting the target, and any wound can be extremely dangerous. Even if it doesn’t kill, it very possibly could disable them.
The only time you ever aim for the head in real life is with snipers. They have someone who helps ensure the shot as well, it’s not just one person. It’s not especially common to run into this sort of case. Most snipers still aim for center mass.
There are some exceptions to all this with those who are unrealistically good at shooting.
So ya, a system like VATS doesn’t make sense in a realistic setting most of the time.

I think i missworded things a bit, what i say is to put another aiming system for very far targets in an overmap tile that its not the one you are standing in so we can have real sniping capability, all aims should be, in terms of the normal aiming system, precise. Aiming at vaguely specific areas like center mass, extremities or head could change hit chance of the shot, its like rewording and slightly modifying the existing aiming system. Misworded it as minigame.

Expanding the sight area of the player to include 61+ tiles might be laggy and cpu heavy because the game has to check more tiles per movement, could there be a way to see another overmap area without actually being there?

From what I understand, at the moment it would be impossible to hit things on a different overmap tile due to the fact that they effectively dont exist.
Everything your character sees (I believe roughly one overmap tile)is the reality bubble, and everything outside that is unloaded, as if it was never there.
This is why it can rain for days, but when you get back to base none of your water barrels are full.
It’s a good idea in my opinion, but far from possibility.