Aiming without target,is it possible?

today i have bad char who blow up himself on foot,because im targeting empty tile beside bandit.why im targeting empty tile not the bandit? Because i try to get area damage to his friends few tiles away…now my question is,can i aim to shot empty tile? Then next question where to find the guy who recommended by the old guard? Old guard say its on pump station, im already search 4 cities to find pump station and none…thats it :D. i still have a lot question tho but im already asking too much lol. (im pure newb here,on this game xD)

Its sadly not possible at the moment. but throwing is one of the skills that retains good accuracy with high skill until a specific range if you need to remotely hit a nearby window for distraction, this might do it for you

Throwing is OP lol…what about the old guard?

you might have to use capital M and make the old guards mission the current one, then you can see by accessing the map again, it will give you a red dot surely!

Do you gain skill by shooting at nothing?

EDIT: Never mind you do

I keep reading that throwing is overpowered, but recently that doesn’t seem true. Someone nerfed it hard perhaps? I couldn’t train it beyond initial levels, it’s hard to find something that will give further experience. I wanted a bit of accuracy for throwing grenades etc.

Now, much later, I can finally wear my end game armor and throw stuff at something really nasty over and over to get a few percent towards another level. Very slowly. Meh

Yeah its slow…im increasing my throwing skill by reading “diskolobus” if im not wrong it increase throwing into 3 and its far better than shooting launcher without target lol…btw my favorite thing is throwing active C4 into fungal bloom lol

Throwing did recently receive some nerfs yes.