Free aim stystem?

There’s something I wanna said about the aiming stystem, as far as we know, we can only increase our accuracy by aiming the valid tagets, such as zombies or other enemy on the game, but how about we can just aim anywhere we want?

I got a funny story to told you guys, yesterday on DDA, it’s night time, and I tried shoot a flare with my shotgun so I can see what’s other side the street, but this happen, due to the accuracy can only increase by aim something, the flare manage fly on the left side on my shotgun and it’s like flying 45 degree on the direction, the flare accidental fly through the windows(break by zombies on the day time) on the house right next to me, and is ignite a furniture inside, so Sh** happens, a simply flare not just blow my cover, but also burn the whole house down,

And all the reason, is because we can’t getting free aim, we’re unable to aiming the ground in order to increase our accuracy that cause something like flare, just can’t hit on the designated site, maybe we can doing that on the future version? I mean, Free aim is really important things, isn’t it?

One last things is, we can’t see a accuracy while we’re aiming the target with Infrared vision, I can see a shadow zombie with that vision, but I can’t see my accuracy level on the menu, but I can still take the round in order to increase it, so I guess It need a little improvement about that, right?

I agree that you should be able to increase aim on a tile without an enemy. On the opposite end of the spectrum I remember trying to use hydraulic muscles to throw a molotov on a house with zombies nearby and not being able to aim made that very difficult.

true, this does make shooting environmental stuff on purpose a huge pain, to save CPU cycles it should just be an override key to switch to aiming mode on non-enemy tiles, perhaps aiming at items that explode when damaged for example, or spill acid on the ground by shooting a container with it.

Not sure my brain caught all of that. You shot at a flare and the shot or the flare went through a window and THAT was what gave you away?

Call me crazy, but wouldn’t the shotgun going off give you away? 0_o

I believe they’re referring to a flare launcher attachment of some description and shooting at non-enemy tiles at the moment is a total inaccurate disaster unless you’ve got high skill due to zero aiming being involved

Ahh. I don’t normally shoot walls etc. So atm if I shoot anything not a monster/npc, the shot is willy nilly?

yup, as the lowest possible aim counter seems to be applied to it by default, where as you’re shooting at monsters you can actually take time to aim better, you cannot do this unless there is a monster or NPC in the game’s current state.

Yeah, it also makes using grenade launchers and fusion blasters kinda annoying because you can only aim once an enemy is in range.

This affect throwing by chance? I haven’t played enough past few weeks.

Yeah throwing is the same. You need a target to aim.