Very bad performance when zoomed out

I’m using Waldo’s 24x24 tileset, unfortunately when I zoom out I get very bad performance, it takes about half a second per move and it’s especially bad when driving but unfortunately necessary because the standard view doesn’t give you a long enough view to drive safely. Is this because of my outdated graphics card? (hd 4850). Moves resolve instantaneously when zoomed in or when in ASCII however.

In lieu of a solution, is there anyway to work around this? A hotkey to swap ASCII/tileset or a way to extend the view when zoomed in?

a recent(as in the last couple of days) experimental added an option to automatically shift the view when driving.

I’m already using that version but even then the view close up is maybe 30 tiles in front of the car. Fine for general gameplay but really bad for driving. The weird thing is, the bad performance seems to be tied to the waldo tileset, the standard tilesets have fine performance even when zoomed out.

We have a chunk of code that pre-rotates tiles that greatly increases performance. Due to a bug we haven’t been able to track down in the zooming or rotation code, the roration cache is disabled when zoomed in.
Chase-san is working on migrating us to SDL2 (we’re on 1.2 now) which has features for handling rotation, so it should be improved once that lands (post-0.A)