Driving movement animation Windows Tiles

Hi all!
I’ve just got back into playing since 0.A stable, tried the latest stable 0.B and found the driving animation to be broken.
For the record I’ve also tested version 0.B-0fd876f still no luck.

I’m playing the Windows Tiles version and have tested this on two different PC’s.

With 0.A when driving, each turn your vehicle would move, turn, slide, etc… but now it just instantly appears in the new location and this makes it pretty hard to gauge speed, turning and so on.

I’ve found reference to this problem in another thread too, http://smf.cataclysmdda.com/index.php?topic=7215 but with no update on the problem.

If you require any more info, please let me know.

I’d also like to say to everyone who has contributed to making this game, thanks to much for putting the time and effort into this game!

Yes, it’s really bad! I almost crashed like 10 times the other day because i could not really tell well how it was going after each turn.
Also, welcome to the forums! Have a nice stay.

It’s really such a shame!
I used to drive a fast motorbike for scouting out locations or quick in and out jobs, and a lorry with plenty of storage space to go in and collect loot to bring back to my heavily defended shelter.

And is it me and my foggy memory or have vehicles got more fragile?

I’d have thought that if a pickup with a bullbar on the front or a Landrover could quite happily cope with the odd bush when off road back on the farm then an armoured plated vehicle in game would have no problem.

Thinking about it, a lot of farm machinery would be very effective at decimating zombies…
Amour plate a fast tractor, capable of doing high road speeds, add a snow plough to the front and a topper on the back and you’d have something capable of ploughing through zombies and shredding them to pieces!
A Unimog would make a good alternative to a lorry with better off road capabilities and allow powered implements of destruction too…

I’d love to be able to make machines that can kill zombies in other ways than running them over or having to use mounted guns.

But I digress!
Regarding the lack of driving animation, I gave up driving in the end which takes the fun out of it for me so I’m either going to put Cataclysm on hold or go back to 0.A.

All the animations are broken in the tiles version, I just started using the console version instead.