Version 0.9-1153-g324a8a7 debug message spam almost every turn

the message that is being spammed is:

"DEBUG: Wacky Scent at ", with a different set of coords for each message, with usually multiple messages each turn.

I can confirm this is a thing…

[quote=“FunsizeNinja123, post:2, topic:4230”]I can confirm this is a thing…[/quote]do you happen to be using a save from a previous version of the game with this build?

Nope. New guy

Happens to me around fungaloids, it was thunderstorming around the time. Doesn’t go away even if I go underground.
Teleporting far away solved the problem. Though once the fungaloids started spawning around my part of the city again, it came back.

I’m getting this too, in a fresh world, though it took awhile for it to start popping up. Nowhere near any fungal towers, and I don’t see any fungaloids. I can’t think of anything obvious that happened in my game to suddenly cause it. I’m getting values of over 40 million in grscent in my character’s save file.

yeah i think the consensus is that this build is unplayable :frowning: