Wacky scent crash again! :(


still getting this bug in version 0.9-1166-glaf62d1


any idea when i build will be released that fixes this problem?

Idk but I have a feeling it started around build 180 ish.
I remember someone making a change to the scent system there.

do you think a temporary fix might be to disable scent? if so, how would i do that?

Build #180 Nov. 24
improve scent diffusion to make it faster and use better physics — phaethonfire

Build #193 Nov. 25
Rebalance monster scent move with respect to new scent changes. — freezerbunny92

Build #201
Erase scent when we shift. Fix elevators. — freezerbunny92

These are the culprits of “Wacky Scent Syndrome”.

[quote=“Cherry, post:5, topic:4250”]Build #180 Nov. 24
improve scent diffusion to make it faster and use better physics — phaethonfire[/quote]

From the sound of things it’s this, not the others.

I’m not sure any of the things you listed off are the cause… I just got a wacky scent error and looked at the cords, I’m in a lab and the error is coming from a bionic storage room, there’s nothing in there.

EDIT: I stand corrected I can’t find any reason for the errors. It’s showing up in a teleporter room now that’s still sealed.

I’m getting the same error in v0.9-1178-g946b9c3. Started while exploring lower levels of a lab… Now it pops up randomly no matter where I go in the world…

Some screenshots…

The scent-map overlayed over the normal map. It is not pretty on the eyes.

Scent Map

Normal Map (Viewed in Debug)

The Bionics Storage room near the middle of the screen (The one with the door shut but containers open) Then the Teleporter room in the lower righthand corner, and now it’s a teleporter room off-screen.

Bug from version gb784215

anyone know if WSB(Wacky Scent Bug) has been fixed yet?

I think it’s at least been identified; see here.

it looks to me like it’s been fixed, i’ll give it a try and find out.