Vermilion's Items, another mod that adds random items

Thought I’d give modding a go since I haven’t had much to do lately. Don’t expect a high quality mod. This is held together with chewed gum and toothpicks.


- High-frequency blade
A powerful and rare end game katana found rarely in vaults and labs.

- Augmented Swordplay martial art + book
A style specific to the high-frequency blade only. About as rare as the blade in drops.

- PTRS-41 anti-tank rifle + ammo + magazine + casing + reloaded ammo
Slightly more powerful and heavier and more cumbersome than the Barrett .50cal. Should be a fairly rare item.

- Kantele
A Finnish pluck string instrument found in music shops and houses. Works like any other musical instrument.

- Egg vibrator
Lighter alternative to the vibrator. Holds only 50 batteries.

-Vintage MRE
Worse than a regular MRE and only comes in beef variant. Found in various sources all over the world. Nice!

-Bomb suit
Provides excellent protection against harm, but is very cumbersome and hot to wear. Can be found at military spots and SWAT vans somewhat rarely.

Download link:


  • Make shockers drop a special item that restores health when killed in Augmented Swordplay

Edited and replaced the Mega link with a GitHub link. I have no idea how GitHub works.


I love how these items in conjunction with each other tell a story: of ultra violent days, and lazy nights filled with bad music and budget masturbation.:joy:

The blade sounds really interesting; looking forward to testing it out.

How does the mighty Simonov even end up in New England???

Someone at the range brought their Barret and said they had the biggest gun. That would not stand.

Pushed an update. This adds vintage MREs to be found in various sources and a bomb suit, which provides excellent protection, but is very cumbersome and hot to wear. Also tweaked the drop rates a little bit.