Vending Machines / New crafting recipes / construction sites

Hey folks, just a few new ideas.

Vending machines. Works essentially like a fridge, but you have to smash it if you want anything out of it, unless we implement some old-world money. Carries soda/chocolate/OJ/crisps etc, and a good amount of them too-- if it hasn’t already been smashed.

Construction sites: Unfinished buildings. plenty of bare concrete, steel rebars, crafting and building supplies-- wrenches, hammers, jackhammers, nailguns, toolboxes, plastic sheets, hoses, dust masks and jumpsuits etc. Could put some new vehicles in this too-- Bulldozers, concrete mixers and those tractors with the crane arms.
Bulldozers are most important. Heavy Metal, Tracked vehicle, so it would be easy to drive offroad, but going too fast throws a track-- and repairing that would be a real bitch without supplies from another dozer or a military base

As for some crafting:

Spray-can flamethrower. No tools required.
Spray can + Lighter (and maybe a piece of duct tape.) Weapon/misc/survival item.
Projects a small flame 2-3 tiles, 10-20 uses, has a 5-10% chance to blow up on use for small damage to the hands, face, a big bang and temporary deafness. I’d prefer it explode on overuse but that would probably be harder to implement (perhaps the failure rate scales with how many uses per hour-- 0% first use, 10% fifth use, 50% eigth use etc. after an hour is up it’s cooled down enough.) fun fact: It’s actually pretty safe IRL. Spray/deodrant cans don’t explode until they get pretty damn hot. Took about five mins in a fire for one to go pop-- and dear lord when it did it was like a sonic grenade. I was deafened and my ears were ringing for about ten minutes afterwards.

perhaps you could refill it with gasoline, better yet implement styrofoam.

Styrofoam + Gasoline = Napalm. You’d need a good amount of stryofoam. Find it in houses, rubbish bins/rubbish tips/Dumpsters and junkyards etc. Napalm would burn like gasoline, but stick to stuff, so a zed walking through a pile of it gets stuck with burning Nape. You wouldn’t be able to use it with the spraycan-- who the hell would be able to repressurize a spraycan? so–

Homemade flamethrower. I’m not sure if this is in ( I think you can put one on a vehicle right? what about handheld?)
already since the game crashes on me a lot precluding crafting for long periods but–
Pipe + Metal tank + Pilot light/Lighter + Rubber hose + Duct tape + Copper wire + backpack + Battery + Scrap metal.
Also some small kind of pump if possible.

Capacity in the tank, quite encumbersome-- projects fire about 6-8 tiles, usable with gasoline or napalm.

Yes to vending machines!
I’ve already suggested these on a previous thread but nobody seemed interested at the time. They’d give us an excellent place to find candy/sodas/chips and whatnot outside of gas stations and grocery stores. Plus Cataclysm world has robot police, why no mechanical vending devices?

As for the rest of your suggestions, I think we already have homebrew flamethrowers; however everything else you named would also make really cool additions to the game world.

The mere thought armoring up a bulldozer to take on the horde is enough to give me happy chills.