Construction sights, logging camps, and toy stores

As the title puts it, would it be possible to see these three areas added into the game? All three have some sort of special items in game.

Construction site-
Be small to large unfinished buildings or building frames, various construction tools and materials would be strew about around the construction area. Depending on the structure and how big the site is anything from rope to traffic cones can be found within the area. Some new items can be found as well.

-Large gas generator, “a large gasoline or diesel generator suspended on a yellow frame with four wheels, there is a trailer hitch on it and a dedicated medium sized fuel container, there are various outlets located around the generator itself”
-Traffic cone, “a white and reflective orange striped cone for indication of busy areas on a street,” could be used for certain crafts
-Concrete mixer, “a red bucket shaped cylinder suspended on a red box frame with two wheels, there is a small gasoline driven engine on it used to propel the bucket in a circular motion, this is used to mix the concrete for use,” if used the player could find concrete bags and use it combined with water to make concrete, he then could make various things out of concrete for crafts and building
-concrete bags, “a large heavy paper bag filled with concrete mix”
-cinder block, "a square brick with two large hollow holes in it, used in building"
New vehicles-

Now i’ve noticed a lot of people requesting dozer blades, so i was thinking that a good way to implement them are by construction sights, four new vehicles could be added-

Bulldozer (can be tracked or wheeled), “a large vehicle with a yellow frame, it has a large digging blade in the front used to dig up dirt or debris, it is suspended on a hydraulic boom used to make the blade go up and down, 4 large industrial lights can be found on top of the cab, the cab is in the center of the vehicle”

Dump truck, “a large vehicle with a small 3 person cab located in the front, 2 very large turning wheels are in the front while 4 duly wheels are located in the back, there is a large bed in the back used to transport debris and equipment, all of which are suspended on a yellow heavy duty industrial frame”

Bobcat, “a small bulldozer if you will, a small dozer blade is located in the front of the vehicle, it is suspended on a white hydraulic boom which is connected to the cab, the cab is a one man console surrounded by open wire mesh all around, it is suspended on a white frame with 4 small tires and a engine”

Backhoe, “a medium sized vehicle with a cab similar to one a bobcat has, 4 medium sized tires propel the vehicle, a medium sized dozer blade is in the front of the vehicle, whilst a small digging bucket is located in the back suspended by another hydraulic boom, it has a yellow frame”

“For shits and giggles” A steamroller, “a large slow moving vehicle used to flatten areas smooth, two very large cylinder wheels made of steel are located on front and back of the vehicle, it is suspended on a yellow frame and has a open cab”

*another idea would be that some of this stuff could be found on roads or high-ways as if a road crew was there before the virus broke out, one could find a asphalt layer and who knows? a player could start making his own roads.

New zombie-
Worker Zombie- “Zombie whom was a construction worker in his past days, he can be found wearing a reflective vest, hard hat, or wearable flashlights”

Logging camp or lumber mill-

A small encampment found in or near wooded areas, small cabins or barracks can be found which housed the lumberjacks in the past days. Table saws or those very large circular saws can be found here. The place is riddled in tree stumps and wooden logs.

Table saw, “a small steel flat suspended by plastic legs, in the middle is a small circular blade found, used to make those delicate cuts, powered by electricity” can be used to make 2x4s or other crafts
Circular saw mill, “a large rectangular machine, back then they were propelled by water, nowadays they are powered by gas engines, a small conveyor belt is driven across the length of machine, somewhere in the middle is a large circular saw used to cut whole logs into planks, it is bolted to the floor” if a player can drag a log into this, he will receive many planks out the other end for building materials

Possible new vehicle-

Wood harvester, “a somewhat large vehicle used to cut down trees, it has a green industrial frame, a small cab is located in front of the vehicle, a hydraulic boom is located in the rear of the vehicle, attached to it is a large claw with a circular saw underneath, when in use, the claw would grab the trunk of the tree and keep a hold of it when cut, it is suspended by 6 large wheels”

Wood trailer, “large open trailer with aisles going down the length of it, used to store wood but is also large enough to hold whatever is needed, it has a trailer hitch and 4 wheels can be found near the rear of the trailer”

"Some have been asking about self propelled blades on vehicles, i thought this might be a good way to implement those objects in game.

Toy store-

A building typically allured to children, inside are aisles of toys from all shapes and sizes. The kind of toys are up to if this is added into the game or not, so a list is not needed. A toy store could be beneficial to morale, as it could be for supplies. Electronic and cloth toys could be dismantled for spare parts and materials used for crafting.

*for shits and giggles- Ride-able toy cars, “small plastic framed cars driven by a battery, big enough for a small child to fit in, these were popular among kids back in the day, it has 4 small plastic tires”

More vehicles i just thought of-

Tow truck, “a diesel driven truck whom used to repo or transport cars, it is suspended on a metal frame, a small cab is located in the front, a winch is located towards the rear of the vehicle uused to tow cars, the controls for it are located on the side towards the rear, it has 6 tires” (there could be two versions of this, one with a boom that tows cars behind it, or one with a actual bed that can be used to put vehicles on it)

Tractor, “a medium sized piece of farm equipment every farmer is likely to be had, propelled by a small gasoline engine it has 2 small wheels in the front and 2 larger wheels in the back, a small cab is located in the middle and a hitch is located in the rear, is it suspended by a green frame” (would be cool to see if irrigation or seeds planting equipment can be fitted on the back, or even those large lawn mower trailers)

These were just some quick thoughts i had, i know some would probably be hard to implement due to code, but there are some ideas for ya.