Vehicles "sealed" .json mod + fix

Vehicles don’t act like enclosed spaces due to missing parts. While this can be interesting and blown off as “zombies reaching through an open car door window” it makes absolutely no sense for that to be the case all the time. Beetles have it especially bad, missing an entire board that exposes the interior to weather, and being able to get attacked from the rear wheel area; the school bus is the second worse, missing two whole windows on its back half (those that are over the wheels) This vehicles.json alteration stops that crap from happening.
It also alters the large trailer into a more useful space with roofing, aisles, and a few extra boards over the wheels to fully enclose the interior space.

Due to the HUGE file size of the vehicles.json file for an all-text file (80kb!) and the multitude of changes within (which inflated it a bit more) I cannot copy/paste the text directly into a spoiler (exceeds 20k characters; multiple times) so simply follow the pastebin link to view all the altered text:

select ALL of it IN THE LOWER WINDOW (scroll to the bottom of the webpage) then copy/paste to your vehicles.json file; open the vehicles.json, select all the text there, press delete, then press paste. Be aware that if you’ve already made any alterations to vehicles.json, those changes you’ve made will not exist if you copy/paste everything blankly. The new vehicles probably won’t appear until you enter a new map, or start a new character (all existing vehicles remain the same) and at worst, won’t let you load your save. (replace the vehicles.json with the original for your version of cataclysm)
This is also based on the latest nightly update (14th Oct, 2013) so if you’re using another version of cataclysm (ex: the stable release, or earlier) it might not work properly and throw up errors; it should NOT throw up errors, I have play tested these changes, and it is fully functional on the latest nightly update (14th Oct, 2013)

Hopefully, this is simple enough to implement in the official version.

Yea, this is possible due to Ian’s rework of the vehicle construction system, thanks for doing the hard work of redoing vehicle layout to take advantage of it. I’ll see about pulling this in if someone doesn’t beat me to it.

I can work on getting this into a PR if it will help. The only thing I’m worried about with this is won’t it create a lot of blind spots on vehicles since boards block LoS?

Ignore my previous question, didn’t look at the whole thing. Just to let you know, I got all these fixes merged in with the latest vehicles.json file and made a PR for it at

Hey. I have some questions…

Galens vehicle fix went through, that was already tiled on my part, so it went smoothly. I added in the halfboard code however together with matching tileset, and… Well It’s spawning the tiles in a really weird way, SE corners of the halfboard will spawn smack dab in the middle of it’s hood and so forth.

Additionally it appears there are some that it just can’t find at all, even after registering all the tiles as just red squares to make it display, there are missing tiles. Was something else changed in this merge other than the halfboard additions?

Edit: The upper left vehicle in this picture is the only one missing tiles in my current build, atleast on this picture. And it is the tiles at the back that will not display.

Here is an up to date image…

Got the missing tiles to appear, Galen noticed I had an error in the Json which was causing that. But the corners do not assign to the corners you’d expect still.
(Also ignore the random doors, they are an artifact of adding those for testing )

Sorry it took me so long to respond to this, guess I sorta spaced out. I actually do all my testing in curses, so I know nothing about tile support :frowning: Anyway, the only parts this added were the new halfboards, of which there are nine (there are a few that don’t have equivalents to regular boards, I made them to match some of the frame pieces so vehicles looked less boring). Maybe the fact that some of them don’t have regular board equivalents is causing this?

Don’t worry about this, I managed to notice that the tileset had somehow been shifted today while I was working on an update before the next release goes out…

So yeah, it seems to work just fine now, it was merely my tileset code that had gotten out of wack a little bit between 1700 and 1776. Too many damn tiles~

Glad to here you got it straightened out. I haven’t really tried running tile modes yet (I can’t get my computer to compile the SDL version), but when I start trying it I definately want to try your set. I like the brighter, more colorful style you have going, keep it up! I’m really glad people like you are working on making different tile sets, instead of everybody just working on one set. When it comes to graphics for a game like this, variety is everything, and the more styles we have to choose from, the better.