(Insert Tire here) Runs over something xEvery wheel


As descriptor says, with new builds (It appeared when I updated from 9221 to 9223, reverting doesn’t fix. Will try a fresh install.) As you can see it even does it on normal road, and it’s a godawful amount of spam, and seizure inducing.

It’s fixed now. 20 character limit on a post eh?

Sorry what? Have they fixed the issue, or, were you referring to the link?

Should be fixed.

I’ll wait for the full build update, but thank ye. I guess when he removed the hardcoding on traps, accidentally made everything register as traps for tires. Oof.

Sorry yeah, I tried to just type “its fixed now” but the forum wouldnt let me post such a short reply, so I had to pad it out a bit :smiley:

And yeah wasnt sure if it was in the recent build, but it was merged

I wish it was merged, the merge failed for 64 bit :frowning: I’ve been tryna play for the past four hours aaa

Well, it merged, but it looks like the build is failing for other reasons now. It has been identified and a fix is en route.

Can’t wait. Thanks for being a chad and keeping it all updated