Vehicle Water Faucet

Currently playing the most recent version. I have both a kitchen unit and a water faucet in the spot and can’t seem to get any water out of the tank without using a rubber hose to siphon. I’ve drunk out of faucets in vehicles before in older version so I’m not really understanding what’s going on here. Can anyone help me out?

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I believe faucets only dispense clean water, and it doesn’t matter what tile they’re on, they grab from the first clean water tanks installed on the vehicle. Which sucks when you have a barrel of pinot noir and want to tap it.

It seems the problem is kitchen unit installed at that same place. Maybe it’s hard-coded to olny work with clean water. I have a same tank with faucet and dirty water, and it works well for crafting purposes. Didn’t try to get the water out of it directly though. Should try and check later today…

It’s ironic because it’s not even dirty water, it’s just nonboiled water from a farmhouse pump. If the faucet/kitchen can only pull water from Clean Water tanks that’d be a little silly, you can store all sorts of stuff in tanks, a majority of them stuff you may want to actually drink. In the very least any water should get hooked up, certain sources don’t require boiling and just show the basic water tag despite being clean and these sources are the easiest way to actually fill a vehicle tank.

It is.

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Crafting doesn’t use the faucet, it draws directly from available tanks.