Vehicle Unloading

For me the most tedious part of the game is unloading my loot carrier and moving everything the dozen or so tiles from my garage to work area. The advanced inventory management helps a lot but it’s still annoying. I have a few ideas regarding this that I would put out there.

[ul][li]A “Unload” option in the examine vehicle menu that dumps stored items at your feet as it would if you removed the part. Maybe also an “Unload All” option?..loading this way would be pushing it (although making a vehicle act as one container of its total cargo volume would make life easy)

[li]Large push-able bins(I mean like the 8,000+ capacity). Container shipping is a standard practice nowadays and I don’t think it’s unreasonable for anyone who can build nuclear deathmobies to follow suit. However, given that detachable vehicle sections/towing is not supported I propose having a large container on wheels to move stuff in bulk short distances. In order to prevent abuse it would a special frame that can’t be contented to other vehicle parts and be slow/require stamina to move.

[li]A conveyor belt-pretty simple drop item on, it gets moved to the next square and repeat until it lands on the floor. Could be built as a long vehicle. Would require power on a per part basis so no building one from your base through the middle of town unless your overpowered anyways. [/li][/ul]

That’s pretty straightforward, and does sound helpful.

If they have capacity like that, they also need to require a smooth, level surface. Pallet jacks and the like only work with very hard wheels, which in turn only work on very level surfaces. Once that sort of thing is in, yea that makes sense.

Pain in the ass to code, otherwise fine.

Well, maybe a modular cargo system? Like cargo slat shares volume with adjacent frames that have cargo slats on them. and you could have a motorized jack installed on one end of the cargo slats, which when activated causes the cargo slat’s entire volume to slide into various 4000 volume piles on the opposite side of the jack on the nearby ground. Maybe require a stronger motor on the jack (or more jacks) for more weight or else it’ll strain and damage the frame or something. Or at least use more battery/fuel.

Sort of like

  • *+++<
  • *+++<
  • *+++<
  • is a cargo slat (and they all combine their volume into one cargo space), < is a cargo slat AND a motorized jack, * are empty ground tiles were successfully activating the motorized jack dumps the volume onto piles.

You could totally put like, special scoops that use the slat’s cargo space instead of having it’s own, so you could load it too.

Basically you want to add dump trucks.

You could make dump truck vehicles with it, but you could probably also find other uses for it.

Other than dump trucks and dumping things on zombies I can’t think of any situations that the use of conveyor belt wouldn’t be more practical. Sliding ramps don’t scale well with heavy/grippy objects and you can already teleport liquid the length of your vehicle. But, I think a dump truck would be a very appropriate thing to drive given the amount I loot.