Vehicle Show and Tell

that’s how i feel about fences and turrets now :slight_smile:

I ran a fungal tower over. :stuck_out_tongue: Trashed the loot mobile doing it. It was a save clone for me to screw around a bit.

Here it is. My first vehicle built from nothing (Thanks god the garage was full of wrenches, welders, parts and jerrycans, best garage 2013)

Cool stuff. Though I don’t think the roof does anything unless you are surrounded in roofs, doors, and boards.

This is my preferred design for scouting and light foraging

That’s mostly a stock motorcycle, but with parts salvaged from a semi. The engine is a 5.77l V8 and I replaced the standard back tire with a frame and added two of the semi’s wide wheels. Plating goes on the front wheel and usually a blade in the front for fun. Three total gas tanks means you can cover a good bit of ground, and there’s room to expand backwards if you so desire.

I’ve discovered that park’s slides, when dissembled, give you steel plating. Heck yeah

Good info!

Well, now I just feel like a pansy with my mere solar powered car with a blade on the front.

3 storage batteries, a large electric engine, and a solar panel. I’ve since added a roof and moved the tires inward to avoid them getting damaged on things I clip.

I’m not sure what the rules are for solar panels to work properly. I’ve been experimenting with various placements to try to stop my solar panel from getting trashed but then it seems as though it might not be charging the car.

here’s my rig. the driver sits in the center and has storage to his left and right, the door to the rear gives great visibility for parking and combat. extra plated windows for visibility. two 5 wide rows of lights, one in the front, one by the windshields; also 4 extra lights mounted in the body, two on each side, make a pretty decent cone of light for night-time roadside operations. it has the biggest engine i could find, 4 tanks, plus built in solar and hydogen storage. plating all around. three mufflers just in case that three’s better than one. it once vaporized a squirrel for 6500 damage. it does not like swamp beasts but can take out entire towns doing wheelies without getting scratched much. when the spikes fall off, i put on new ones. the single blade up-front makes steering it even easier.

tl;dr? that ok :slight_smile: its a work in progress!

sad but true. Reservoir’s info to the rescue! :slight_smile:

dude… you just win.

I think you need more trunks, just my opinion. :slight_smile:

no, it needs more turrets.

Two, no three flamethrowers short of a win unfortunately, but you were close.

I have two: one for clearing towns, the other for camping and storage.

While not as crazy/awesome as other things posted here this is a quad bike I’m working on.

hmm, hmm, /scratches beard, you know,
that sounds like an idea,
i could put flamethrowers and turrets in those

hmm, hmm, /scratches beard, you know,
that sounds like an idea,
i could put flamethrowers and turrets in those[/quote]
Do vehicle turrets fire automatically or do you have to man them yourself to use them?

this is the bubblebike aka the forest explorer.
after finding my 3rd flatbed on a farm i slaved over it all day yesterday. it has 4 36" wides, two next to the driver, so you could think it was build from a segway, one in front and one, for vanity, under the rear center trunk. 2 v6 engines power it. 3 tanks, flashlights wherever there was a slot. plates from the last slides in the neighborhood.

i was going for a 3x3 hovercar where i could be the turret but chickened out because of the acid rain. so i went for a double handle ‘twister’ cause i wanted to see the thing turn. here’s what that looks like:

this is in the space before the lab i took over more than a year ago. when i do it right it can turn there without hitting the trunk-rover. my lab’s next to a highway that goes straight for like forever. the thought is that i will burn down houses and/or make logging roads along that line so that it can fly through the world, ok, maybe with one more engine, before i set up camps to the far south and north…

going a few screens west i have a flooded road aka a swimming hole. its a single tile river tile that taught me the value of marking up the road with graffiti, meaning i can slow down or brake in time. with speeds like this i have to just look for the color before throttling down so i can make the turn into the forest on my final approach back to base.

back in reality though, i’ve never yet tried a mobile turret. i think it could work if i put 3 walls behind the driver and the turret on the rear handle. yes? what do i need to know about that?

i think they fire automagically for as long as they have ammo … without giving a thought to hitting you or smashing up your windows if anything hostile appears in their line of sight. i dont know that they have an on/off switch other than the ammo.

when i have juice again i might replace the ‘rear’ doors in the bubblebike with walls and put an opaque door behind the driver seat to see if i can get it to work without the whole thing turning into a fancy suicide machine.