The biggest vehicle you have ever made

so whats the biggest ride you guys have made. that actully drives by the way the wheelless sudo bases don’t count. while i am still working on it i have a 16X9 vehicle i am working on. that 16 steel frames long and 9 wide that as long as the barn in a farm and as wide as the gate. also thats because i built it in one so theres that

I think the longest vehicle I’ve built was the stretched Langsdorf Special that was 5x11 or so. Wide vehicles are a pain to maneuver.

fair point i tend to drive slow and its not as much of a problem but yeah i likely would not use it much when i go to a town just grab a foldable cart and cart my loot back and forth the only town is miles away so having large amount of space to store shit is worth more then being able to move fast.

The biggest vehicle I’ve ever made is 3 tiles. It was basically an electric motorcycle with a spike on the front.
I could have made a bigger one. But at the moment, I had bigger fish to fry.

My super evacuation transport is the largest one I’ve ever made. I custom built it for one purpose: to evacuate an entire apartment complex filled with NPCs. Total seating for 100 passengers and 1 driver. There are a shitload of NPCs there. I haven’t had a chance to use it yet because I have not finished digging out a place to house all the people in my bunker.

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My first vehicles are just carts and bicycles, then as soon as I’m able, I retrofit a tank, making that my mobile base.

I clear it out, put heavy boards on the front side, and heavy stow boards on the other sides, put security cameras in the corners, surround it with headlights, add rams on the front, 200 liter drums on the rear, and ultimately convert it to electric/solar.

That gives me a 7x11 base with a 5x5 storage/crafting area, 3 beds and 3 seats up front and a 2x2 curtained area to the right of my seats/beds. I put the only window in front of that 2x2 area with a mirror inside of it which allows me to open one curtain for a periscope view out of the window for when I can’t use my security cameras to drive. It’s very slow, but awesome.

oh yeah i guess more people remake a old ride. i building my vehicle from scratch