A case for small vehicles?

I usually build a heavily armored 3x4 mini-ATV. Small enough that I can do field repairs far away from my base. Just keeping a welder (or an enormous roll of duct tape) and a few spare wheels and headlights in the trunk.

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Can’t make it any smaller because it won’t be enclosed, though maybe a shelter kit would alleviate that.
Any configuration advice? How would you build your 3x4 (or smaller) vehicle?

A 1x3 vehicle suits me fine - it can go anywhere, where bigger vehicles are often blocked by the wrecks littering the roads.
Extending it to four squares gives more storage.

If I’m not going tiny (motorbike) then I tend to go huge (APC w/ ram), because if I’m not small enough to go around obstacles then I want the mass to go through them. Mid-sized vehicles can do neither.

Ive had alot of success on a 2x3 lootrunner made from a modded golf cart, its good for running about town but can still carry everything I need, though your design is probably the most efficient for an enclosed cab. I find that acid rain isnt a worry in town as long as you have a book or 2 to read till it dies down.

Enclosed vehicles? Meh. Let the wind rip through your hair.


My vehicles usually go something like this. Very barebones, but fast as hell.
Two wheels under the first two trunks or cargo spaces, most powerful engine I can find and plenty of fuel.
Usually there’s a welding rig and a solar panel or two in, for on the spot repairs. Spiked plating seems to get totally demolished from smacking one or two vehicles now.

That said I’m currently running an RV-ified Mobile Meth lab with a 10.12L V12 engine nabbed from a sports car. 6 tonnes, since it’s carrying another 3 engines I might install someday. By the way, powered mini-fridges are totally fucking awesome.
Chunk of meat (rotten)? Never again.