Vehicle scoop causes battery power: 1,232,810 (1.2MM more than battery can hold)

This screen shot is from experimental 0C 3774 (windows graphical), but I was able to re-produce a similar effect in 3798 as well.

In 3798 it seems to max out the battery power rather than going to 1.2MM.

Simply add a scoop to an electric vehicle and scoop something up to see this effect. Bonus round, farm, you’ll see how the power can jump all around from 1.2MM to negative %s as well as you suck up all the veggies.

Additional thought, this may be because I installed adjacent scoops and there’s more than one scoop trying to interact with an item?

I think I got it.
The scoop epower is negative. Its value is plugged into discharge_battery, which is supposed to only take positive values.
The result is that scoops generate power instead of draining it.