Battery System deletes batteries on the floor

Pretty simple bug, but one that silently removed most of my batteries!

What I’d been doing is keeping rechargeable batteries in a battery recharger trunk in my vehicle. I’d go up, press E, eat the ones in the trunk and leave, assuming the batteries would be freshly upon my return. As it turns out, (E)ating batteries from the player inventory depletes their energy charge (as expected), but doing it to ones on the ground or in a trunk simply deletes them.

Seems either way it’s some unintended behaviour?

Note: This only happens if the entire charge of the battery would be depleted.

Wow, I haven’t noticed this happen? I have a ton of batteries and I suppose it’s possible I just haven’t noticed the number going down.

… now that you say this, I do have a suspicion that I have less Heavy Battery (high capacity) than I used to …

Give me back my batteries, CataclylsmDDA!

Seriously, I’ll keep an eye out from now on.

I have accidentally dropped things through the floor of a vehicle before. I think it happens since aisle spaces have no storage at all, so the default is they wind up on the ground outside. Could this have happened?

No. I started a new game on a new world and spawned batteries to be sure. If it’s not in the player inventory the battery is destroyed if the charge would be reduced to 0.

OK, I checked this and can confirm. Works on disposable and rechargeable batteries left on the ground.

I submitted a bug report.