Vehicle Inventory Search

So, let’s be honest with ourselves here, we use our Doom-Rigs, our Mega-Rigs, our Cataclysm Transports, and so forth for storage.

Let’s say you have… say… 12 Trunks. That’s a lot of storage!

I’m sure you keep yourself organized.

But, say you have… 34 Trunks, a few storage pannels, a few fridges, and a few walkable trunks.
After a season’s worth of exploration, I’d say you fill somewhere between half and three-quarters of your doom rig’s storage. Now, some of you may be organized enough, storing everything in perfect order.

And, well, some of you get so much loot you simply can’t be bothered spending dozens of minutes if not hours organizing and reorganizing your Doom Rig’s inventory to always know where something is.

That’s where a Vehicle Inventory search comes in!

When you [e]xamine your vehicle, you can check the [I]nventory of said vehicle. When you hover over something, similar to the [V]Item Search, it will jump to which storage section of your doom rig you stored that pouch of meth you need for your Meth Cola or where that chunk of rotting meat is smelling from.

Implementing this would finally get us past having to check each and every vehicle section in order to find something we’ve lost. Alternatively, one -could- make items within vehicle storage detectable by [V]Item Search.

Either way, having an intuitive way of searching for items in an ever-expanding vehicle would be an amazing ease-of-life improvement.

I’m pretty organized, but it would be a nice welcome addition!

Are they not detectable/searchable by being next to them on their sides or diagonally via [V]?

I’m under the impression that they are but have never needed a reason to test it, so apologies if this is not true.

I use AIM set to “all surrounding tiles” with a filter for what I’m looking for, to check up to nine tiles at a time.

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Zone manager is your friend, you don’t need to look for stuff if you know where it will be auto sorted to. You can even open the zome manager to remind yourself where stuff is getting sorted to.

Does it work with vehicles? Never tried it

Yep, it will tie it to whatever cargo area you set in on.

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Thanks! Good to know, never actually used it with vehicles before.

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That feature is kind of recent like around 6 months old.

What i always try is to make a cargo dimension, and boom, problem solved

Hopefully the coding on the backend to add this ease-of-life feature is possible. With how many of us go the car route, it’d be nice to have one day.

build a vehicle with 1 frame and add the cargo portal dimension add more on as needed it weighs nothing so no need to worry about strength theres the solution to the problem

Yeah, but that’s from blazemod, the “I Win” button mod.

Gotta focus on base game or not at all when it comes to ease of life. Mods like that are fine for the folks that want them, I focus primarily on potential suggestions to improve the base game.