Search option for containers

Since we can deposit huge amounts of items in containers, maybe a search&pick function could be added in order to find faster whatever we are looking for in the junk we’ve accumulated

Do you mean the furniture you can’t see inside? Otherwise you could always try the V filter menu, but that’s rather buggy (i.e, I can never find anything with it for some reason.)

I know it would be real helpful to me, my working areas ingame are a freakin mess.

You can’t see inside opaque containers with the V menu. I tend to use the ‘/’ menu to pick up/organize stuff in my working areas.

Yeah, I know. Sorry, I’m tired so I must have mis-phrased it. I meant my work areas are so flooded with stuff I can never find anything :stuck_out_tongue:
seriously I’ve got 3x3 tiles of stuff, with each tile up to stuff like letter designation `ak.

i mean when you examine a car trunk for example, and you need a bottle of ketchup from the supermarket worth of food stored there :), and you’re not even sure the ketchup is in that trunk, because you have 3 more also full of food :smiley:

So, instead you examine the trunk, concentrate, use the force and find out the ketchup bottle without scrolling a few screens worth of food :smiley:

Seriously guys, use the / key.

Stand next to your 3 trunks of food.
Press / to access the advanced inventory manager.
Press A to display the content of all nine tiles around you.
Press s to sort them by name or weight or whatever.
Scroll to your item.

Also I’m planning on making V show you contents of container when you’re next to them.

I’d love for there to be a way to examine piles you’re not standing on top of. “V” is really nice and powerful, but it can show ginormous, difficult to parse lists.

I’d love to be able to hit x, go to a specific pile of stuff, hit e and see a complete list without having to walk there or having to pick its contents out of the huge V list.

There is no way to do that already, is there?

It should already do this, I fixed it myself in #1214.

Gosh, this code is moving faster than the US tax code.