Vehicle Interior Lighting

Is there currently any interior lighting system for vehicles?

You just need a flashlight pointing inward and not covered by boards or other such obstructions.

A floodlight works better.

I tried the headlight thing but how do I change it’s orientation?
I thought floodlights were external, do they illuminate the inside too?

Also don’t both of those answers attract attention at night? is there nothing I can use inside closed doors so I don’t scream “HERE I AM, YUM YUM YUM!!!” ?

flashlights, torches, candles, PDAs, fireplaces, braziers, IR goggles, Mining helmet, others, etc, and so on :slight_smile:

all of those use consumables in bad ways. I found the Lightstrip which apparently lasts for weeks on 15 batteries so that’ll work for now, but I don’t know why you can’t hook up something like that in the interior of your vehicle so it runs off your van’s battery.

Well, you can always hook them up with the Rechargable Battery Mod and stick a recharging station in the car…

I think we need interior (vehicle and building) lighting solutions that expend resources in a manageable way.

Such as?

You’re a member of a relatively post-scarcity society suddenly thrown into a world where electricity is a rare commodity. You don’t have anyone else gathering materials for you, it’s all just you. Life’s a lot harder under those conditions. There’s a reason human beings fear the night across almost every culture on the planet; we can’t see in the dark very well. For the vast majority of human history, the best anyone could really do is “light a fire and keep feeding it wood until the sun comes back”.

Thing is, with no infrastructure, that’s not easy to sustain forever.

A single oil lamp will burn for hours and hours and reasonably light up a room for the most part.

Interiors lights would be cool.

I’m not sure how “reasonably” it lights a room. Having lived in the woods a long time during my youth, and spent a great deal of time with people who used both oil and propane lamps, I wouldn’t want to try to build something requiring any real level of expertise under that lighting.

But that’s just me. Maybe your experiences are different.

A wicked oil/kerosine lamp is fairly simple. You have a fuel tank, the wick in between sitting in fuel, and you have the bulb that contains the flame (optional)

A tin can of kerosine and some cloth would function adequately for a light.

Have you tried to read with a kerosene lantern? I have, quite a lot, and it’s nearly impossible. The damn thing just isn’t bright enough, you need two or ideally three of them to get enough light to read at all, and I’d want even more if I was planning on actually studying something.
Oh and don’t get me started on the flickering, ugh.

(spent a lot of time with the power out during hurricanes growing up)

As for the scarcity of electricity and resources, remember this is at the level where you’re installing floodlights and vehicle welding rigs you created yourself. Making an interior light out of a lightstrip or flashlight doesn’t seem like that big of a deal at that point.

Indeed, but for crafting it wouldn’t affect much unless you’re assembling mininukes in the light in which case bravo for your bravado.