Need help with indoor lighting

I’ve gotten this to work before but for some reason it’s not working now. I’m trying to light up the inside of my garage. I started a vehicle construction. Installed controls and a headlight but when I tried try to turn it on I’m getting the message “the headlights won’t come on!” I searched around the forum and someone mentioned adding a seat, so I tried that too but still no lights. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

You need a car battery.

Just installed one and still no light. :frowning:

The battery needs power. [F]ill it with batteries, or charge it with a a solar cell(?) outside.

Thank you very much, that’s what I wasn’t doing. :slight_smile:


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If you don’t want to mess around with headlight-lamps, just load up the back of your vehicle with Metal Tanks (which you can get by remOving gas and water tanks from pretty much every vehicle) and Pipes (which you get easily by Smashing display racks in stores). One pipe and one tank makes a Wood Stove. Wood Stoves don’t make smoke and their fire won’t spread to adjacent squares, so they’re safe for indoor use. Despite being called Wood Stoves they will burn anything remotely flammable, and burn for hours on next to no fuel. They cast enough light to fill a medium sized room. One or two should adequately light your garage, and they’re useful for crafting and trash disposal, too.

I’ll give that a try thanks. I’ve never built a stove before, but if it will give me enough light to read on rainy days/nights, I might as well go for it. If I have to keep refilling batteries, my current set up isn’t going to work for me long term.

I suppose you could always drive a vehicle halfway through the wall, then install Boards on it to block up the gap, put solar panels on the side that’s outside, and install your headlights on the inside…

Most people use a window to connect their inside lightsource/kitchen to outside solar panels. :wink: If you have enough storage batteries, it will last for a looooooong time on just one sunny day’s charge.

Batteries in cataclysm are powered by clothing, take a pile of clothing and drop it on your car battery. Light the clothing on fire (apply a lighter) and the battery will absorb the heat and microwave radiation from the pile (you should see the charge tick up every turn). If the clothes get wet from rain in won’t work so make sure to do this inside your safe house.

Think I’ll pass on that, thanks.

Sounds legit, if timtek won’t try it I guess I should… Oh god! Why?!

Someone give that man a fire extinguisher!

I can’t decide if this is mean or if whoever believes it deserves it. :stuck_out_tongue: