In-house Lighting systems?

I saw floodlights but I didn’t know how to use them, is there anything to light up houses like the floodlights or atomic lamps/nightlights besides the atomics since their pretty rare.

How about a simple recipe for a light source that should last a long time…
Lightbulb (or lamp or other basic light source) + charged car battery
A construction recipe that uses electronics 0 or 1. Plus some wires and or jumper cables.
Call it a Car Battery Lamp or such…
The square turns into a car battery lamp and as long as it has some kind of battery on that square it’ll slowly drain the battery. Dunno how hard that would be to make up.

You put them on a vehicle. For a home lighting system you’ll need…

  • Frame
  • Vehicle Battery
  • Floodlight/Headlight
  • Vehicle Controls


Yeah, but nine times out of ten that recipe requires mechanics when to actually do that it shouldn’t require that… or welding tools.

the lightstrip is an amazing bit of early game lighting. It won’t light your whole house up, but for very little cost it will produce enough light to craft by for about a week.

For small point sources to read buy and what not, yes we have those a plenty. I was thinking large house illuminating sources.

I know, wasn’t sure if OP might be interested in lightstrip or not.

Lightstrips? I’ll check them out in the morning, but thanks for the help! (And yes I did want a more full-house lighting since I don’t want my bunker/cave fortresss to be pitch black XD)

[quote=“dante1120, post:9, topic:11484”](And yes I did want a more full-house lighting since I don’t want my bunker/cave fortresss to be pitch black XD)[/quote] I used to want to light my whole base up too until I realized it was kinda pointless, but for the sake of realism:
Use the Vehicles Addition Pack created by Blaze. It’s a mod included in the default mod list that comes with the game and features various new vehicle types, along with actual vehicle wiring. I didn’t test this personally, as a single mobile light unit is usually enough for me, but in theory you could build a main control unit* acting as a switch and connect it to other small light units* placed around your house to light all the important rooms up.


  • Main control unit (switch)

[ul][] Frame
] Controls
[] Swappable storage battery case
] Charged storage battery[/ul]

Place it next to your front door or something; any time you want to turn the lights on (e)xamine it and use the appropriate devices from the list that pops up.

  • Light unit (lamp)

[ul][] Frame
] Floodlight/headlight
[] Controls (optional)
] Swappable storage battery case (optional)
[*] Charged storage battery (optional)[/ul]

Place inside the rooms and run floor wiring to the main control unit. If you want the ability to turn them on individually I THINK you might be able to install additional controls on each unit, but I’m not sure if this’ll work.


Alternatively, the easiest way to create a somewhat permanent light source is a simple mobile light unit; find yourself a shopping cart in a grocery store, slap controls and a floodlight on it, and install a swappable storage battery case so you can supply power to it with with a charged storage battery. Charge the storage batteries with a car or a solar generator (a single unit made of frames and storage batteries/solar panels on it). A single battery can supply the lamp with enough power to work for about a week before it needs to be swapped out, assuming you use it cautiously.

It’s powerful, it’s efficient, it’s mobile. All this requires a welder, welding goggle, a wrench and 3-6 skills in mechanics. You don’t need to build any component by yourself, just salvage them from existing cars you find on the road.


My favorite way to light up an area is with a turret - large area of light, no ongoing cost.

That’s usually a little later in the game than you’re thinking, though, I suspect (either to build them or hack them). Sometimes you can find inactive turrets, though - that’s perfect.

On a slight-cheat run where I just TP between the towns and my base so I’ve been stockpiling a decent amount of stuff, even though I have gotten killed by a possibly-hacking NPC that did over 30 attacks while my speed was 25, possibly or naw? (Also ik a derail but curious)

You can make a stationary vehicle as a generator and attach the lights via wires.
I wrote a bit about it here:

I always have a nicely heated, lit and jammin (See stereo) base set up. it isn’t difficult either, just make sure to protect ANY and all fuel tanks. Also make sure the muffler is in a sealed area or outside to make sure you don’t overdose on fun.