Vehicle: Internal Lights

Almost exactly like a headlight, just called internal light. Different switch from headlights. Mainly so you can turn them on without the headlights.
Also floodlights would be good.
Can we get headlights to show more? Or maybe a high beams setting that gives more vision at more energy/gasoline costs.
Also, heating. Same requirements as being out of the rain. If you meet them it’ll be warm.

Internal lights would be nice, but you should have to turn them off otherwise it would use up the gas, since we don’t have to worry about car batteries. That I know of.

We do have storage batteries, you can set up lights to use those instead. Perhaps an addition that lets you convert fuel to recharge a storage battery can be added?

Other car electronics like an air conditioner/heater and fridge would be nice too.

I expect that the broader “electricity” framework will need to be implemented first, with things like power stations, power grids, refrigeration, generators, indoor lighting, microwaves etc. before we deal with smaller stuff like car lights. Stuff like how cars run, and where the electricity for the headlights comes from can evolve naturally as part of that (cars = generators, essentially)

I’m mainly looking for a second type of light source, like a headlight, but on another switch so I don’t have to turn both on at the same time. :stuck_out_tongue: