Vehicle Construction

So i’m having some weird results with vehicle construction.
Few days ago, I made a pretty nice Motorbike. 30" wide wheels. You know, for the lols. Large Electric Enginex1, Solar Panelx1, storage batteryx1. Had a ball, Crashing into trees and shiz, not even caring, as it took hardly any damage, Great bike. Updated my game, Tried to make the same bike, and have had strange results.
Firstly, if I put a trunk over a wheel I got a “Not enough wheels message” Updated again, problem solved.
But now… Put on the first trunk. Fine, Put on a second one, K mass goes from 99% to 0%. Tried grinding up my Mechanics, added anotehr Large Electric Engine. No dice. Removed the offending trunk. 99% K mass again. Added the trunk to see what Weight it added, It adds like, 13kg? Took a welding rig. Threw it into the other trunk, adding about 100kg. K Mass at 99% Still. Add the trunk to any other position, K Mass 99%. Just for some reason, if I put it over a wheel, it messes up. Even though standard motorbikes have trunks over wheels and I already have one over the back wheel.

Same thing here, latest experimental build. Installing a trunk on top of a wheel drops the vehicules k mass to 0. Not sure if this is intended or not (hopefully not)

There are some stacking issues we’re still sorting out, thanks for reporting these in a detailed way, it really helps.

I’m working on a fix for this now.

There’s a whole slew of problems that stem from the caching system where it would track which ‘external’ part was in a given square, which was fine when you were limited to having only one external part in a single square. Now that that restriction is gone, the system has a lot of issues as it just goes for whichever part is on top. Getting rid of that no-longer-needed cache should fix things.

I’m not a coder so I don’t know how complex this is but why not have it work similar to the clothing layering system? Whatever’s on the top of the parts list is innermost and whatever’s on the bottom is outermost?