Vehicle Weight is BUGGED

So my Deathmobile had been working perfectly fine up till this point until it suddenly stopped working. I wasn’t sure exactly what was going, but I figured restarting the game would fix it. That didn’t work either. I figured maybe my engine wasn’t strong enough and added another. Then I realized it, my vehicle’s mass was way too high than it should be normally.

Realizing that the vehicle mass was bugged I tried to see if I could reset it somehow by removing a part and then restarting the game. After doing that I checked to see that the weight of my vehicle has now DOUBLED.

The Mass was around 450k before I took this screenshot.
Any tips on how to fix this or maybe some way to edit the mass?

If I had to guess, this is that one “Bottle of NONE” bug. Check the storage for empty containers that weigh several thousand pounds and use the / menu to dispose of them.

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