My car can't move!

I made a small RV, nice&safety .

but it doesn’t move!


I already set seat,controls,engine,storage battery,fill some batteries…etc


K mass? but how?
how can i fix it?

help! pls!

Did you add wheels?

He seems to have enough wheels.

I think it might be the K mass being 0%.

Cant see the image, but its probably because its too heavy.

i change that image site.

can see it now?

thx for help.

If you are trying to pull that with a single electric motor, you’re SOL.

For that kind of rig you need at least an V-twin engine, I should think.

i nstall large electric motor 3+

that car not my frist car,i had one car that about 6000kg.

it also use electric motor.