Vehicle chassis just all over the city (0.5-72-g7eff9b9-dirty)

There are vehicle chassis just everywhere… Some with engine, some without, the least do work and every single one with just a drop of fuel left…

Vehicle wrecks are kind of ridiculous right now, they’ll probably be toned down in the next update.

On the other hand, it’s a perfect chance to use your infiniwelder.

What infiniwelder?

Welders have INFINITE BATTERY! So you can build cars and stuff. Yeah.

Only seems to be on vehicle crafting, made an RV kitchen unit and noted that it still depleted the charge based on the crafting requirements

The infinite welding charges problem has since been fixed in the dev version and the nightly builds (and potentially the main version as well, I’m not sure if it was included in those few fast bug-fixing releases after the main one).

As for the wrecks themselves, it’s pretty much intended behavior. Hopefully as time goes by there will be a little more variation in the wrecks instead of just engine broken/wheels missing/no gas, but other then that it’s basically the way it was planned to be.

Clogged highways would add a great amount of dynamics to the gameplay; also rubbles with junk around, half-working vehicles - all stuff intentionally bundled to tell some story. Would like it if I encountered a slightly different “atmosphere” in different bunkers, labs. Let’s just say towns already work this way, zombies spawn randomly yet dependent on building types.