Some suggestions/comments/ideas

One thing that’s really bothered me so far has been the crowbar. Specifically the craftable one. If you can so easily bend a piece of pipe into the shape of a crowbar, then why doesn’t it bend back whenever you use it to open a door or window? It’s illogical. Minor gripe. Maybe it should have a set amount of uses before it breaks.

The addiction of the scattered vehicles on the roads is great! It adds some new atmosphere, but basically that’s all it is. Maybe add a few random items here and there. Also, what are the chances of every single vehicle being un-drivable? I mean even in an apocalypse scenario I’m sure there would be at least one car that isn’t missing a engine or wheels.

More to come, just thought I would get these out here before they slip my mine while playing.

They aren’t all undrivable. Right now there are cars in there that still work fine, but are just out of gas, mixed in with all of the other wrecks.

If it has no gas, then for all intents and purposes, it’s also undriveable.

Oh haha, I didn’t even think of the possibility that they might be out of gas. Derp moment.

I’ve actually had the good fortune to find a vehicle with all of engine, wheels, and gas – it was immediately driveable. Mind, it had like 3% fuel, but that was enough to get it to a gas station.

These are future cars running on green fuels, just piss in the gas tank and it’ll run.