Vehicle Construction Bug?

I got Experimental 7174 for Windows about an hour ago and just attempted to replace some broken vehicle controls on an RV. When the process was underway it prompted me to choose whether to use the vehicle controls on person, or those nearby. I didn’t think there were any nearby but it didn’t really make a difference, so I chose the ones nearby. Then it prompted me for which makeshift welder with 450 charges I wanted to use, the one on person or the one nearby. I know for certain there isn’t a second fully loaded makeshift welder anywhere near the area, but I chose the nearby one anyway.

When I checked the inventory, the welder hadn’t lost any charges and the vehicle controls were still there. I then repaired the seat and chose the one on person and it lost charges as expected. I haven’t tried it with other things, but I think you might be able to exploit this for unlimited welder charge or vehicle parts.

This isn’t new, I was getting it on my previous version of 7129. I didn’t think anything of it and thought it simply displayed twice. I only noticed it on the makeshift welder, not specific parts. I didn’t realize it wouldn’t claim charges. That’s troubling.

So I have no insight, but I can replicate this as well.

It is a known issue: