Vehicle and kitchen

I can use a hippie truck and made food in any place inside the vehicle.
But if I made the vehicle the kitchen need to be a 1 step or dont detect.
What I m doing wrong?

I don’t follow.

First off, you need to be within a certain range of the Kitchen Unit to make food. Second, you need to be powering your vehicle with Car/Storage batteries.

Possibly the line of sight between you and the kitchen unit is blocked?

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The line of sight? Yes, but I never imagine that.

new reality model?
and here “at the time of my youth” it was possible to use kitchen even if you don’t see her and she from you behind a wall has hidden.

Can i use the help of @Belcanzor to translate vivats posts to english? =)
At least i can understand what @Belcanzor is talking about.
PS: Your posts would be understandable if you just googletranslated them.

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“New reality model” Yes, I m dumb, but I believe the game mechanic was different, and try build floors, put water, but the solution was very simple.

“syler” :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

PS: Someone know what happen to experimental? Stop updating at 29, they’re in 40 right now, and no new .exe.

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you not understood meaning of phrase “new reality model”? ok
in Russia there is such a saying “when the grass was greener and the trees higher” - this is an approximate analog of the expression “a new model of reality” - because the grass has not changed the colors and trees - as you know - do not grow down, but your perception simply changed. here we have a “new model of reality” or “new reality model”

if you tore off a leg then a trip to a nearby store will take you more time, although the store will not move from you by a millimeter, but it will take longer to go. our perception of reality is a derivative function of our capabilities (if expressed mathematically).


That struck me as a very elegant explanation. Nicely done.

My bad too. English not my native language.
By the way, “the kitchen on view” (look a kitchen!) works. Now my truck is really big and can make food anywhere.

Can you post a picture of your Deathmobile(?) please?

but why deathmobile? this car builded for living and not for dying.

Because a perfect vehicle in a zombie apocalypse looks like this: