Returning to the Apocalypse: Answers and Advice for Long Term Goals Needed!

Alrighty, it has been a long time since I’ve played the game and I have decided to come back in to it for a while whilst the internet goes off for re-decoration.

Before I do this though, I need to set myself some long term goals and need advice in helping getting there. Following is a list of my goals I’d love help with;


My main goal is to get a decent sized island, fully fortified and zombie proof. I’d also want it so no critters spawn on it, whether they are Moose or Zombears and such, and if one somehow got to the island, they would die without my assistance. I’d also love it to be filled with things such as a working refrigerator, working electricity, indoor lighting, anything else I could hook up in to my base for convenience, from a place to fish, to cook.

What will I have to do to achieve this? What will I need? How will I keep this powered? So many questions, any and all help is greatly appreciated!

My secondary goal, I’d love to know how to build a “On the move house”, a large vehicle, with the works, everything I’d need to survive on the go for travelling long distances.

What will I need? How many engines? What kind? What about plating? Wheel types? What should it look like, a diagram would be very helpful please, last vehicle I tried to construct ended up blowing up in my face violently.

Those are the only goals I can think of off the top of my head, if anyone can think of any interesting goals I should try please post them!

A few Questions

Q1) Should I play the experimental build? I’m not bothered by crashes, that’s what saves are for, I’d just like to know how unstable it may be or if it’s unplayable, because I’d love to try the new features and see new enemies.

Q2) Last time I played, every night I’d wake up to Zombears and other such animals at my door ready to tear my face off, because the Zombie Wildlife do not use the Static Spawn system. Is this still the case? Will I wake up every day in my shack to find myself surrounded by those hulking monstrosities? If so how can I stop this?

Q3) Wandering Zombie Hordes, now THAT is something I’m both eager and terrified to encounter. But do they spawn randomly? Do they not use Static Spawn? Is there a chance one could spawn in my home?

That’s everything I can think of at the moment, if I have any more questions I’ll leave a post. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks for taking the time to read this thread!

(Q1) If you don’t mind the crashes and how optimized it is currently, sure, go ahead.
(Q2)Yeah, they still random spawn, good news is that they won’t spawn in your face, but one way to take care of that is put turrets in your sleeping area/around the house and island, and give them ammunition, it’ll work like a charm, may wake you up, but oh well.
(Q3) I don’t know about that one, in my experience they’ll randomly appear on the map, but my guess is that that’s where large congregations of zombies are, so if you wipe out the zed, they won’t be in that area anymore.

Good luck to ya!

Eventually, it appears, after living in an area for a while, the surrounding area tends to be relatively empty. If you kill whatever zombie creatures that come your way, that is. It may just be Animal Discord, but I started a new character and went to my old character’s base, and I still have not seen any monsters or animals pass by in 34 days.

As for your base, perhaps you could aim to have a “solar station” that has enough solar panels to keep whatever battery supply you have at 100% at all times. Lots of truck / storage batteries, solar panels and whatever appliances you want. I would even recommend grabbing a few quantum solar panels and trying to find the recipe for advanced solar panels.

For cars, if you are looking for something sustainable, stick to electricity-powered or manual engines (foot cranks and wheel rims). Going 40 mph on what equates to a wheelchair is extremely fun, and it does not get damaged when above the safe speed unlike normal engines. Else, you probably should do gasoline for speed, I assume. I think V8 engines and up would serve you well for a fast-moving vehicle, but you will probably run into the “it explodes violently” problem when colliding.

Let me know what exactly the purpose of this on-the-go vehicle is or could be, and other functions you might want to have a specific vehicle to cover. I probably could give you some more suggestions on that.

Thank you for posting! I still have a lot of questions, but you have already helped me a lot!

Thanks for your reply! :smiley:
(Q1) When you say “How optimized it is”, what do you mean? Sounds like a good thing more than a bad! :stuck_out_tongue:
(Q2) So if they spawn, do you know their spawning requirements? Like, what is it that says to the game “You can spawn here, but not here”? And as much as I would love to just set turrets up everywhere, what would I do about their ammo and power running out eventually? Fun as they seem I’d rather have a little more ‘permanent’ solution.
(Q3) Thank you! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the advice! A few things though;

How does a ‘solar station’ or any power station of any kind work? Like, how would I connect the solar panels or power storage to say, a fridge? Does a fridge even need power to work? Is there some sort of ‘wire’ function?

As for cars, I don’t plan to drive at stupidly fast speeds, but the option to be able to would be appreciated for emergency situations. The main purpose would be for travelling long distances to say, a lab or military base, to then loot the area, fill up the vehicle with large amounts of loot then drive home to stock them. Also to be able to live in it relatively safely should I need to due to being unable to travel home, so I could stay in it for a small while for emergencies. The ability to ram through zombies, not buildings or other vehicles, would be the secondary use, help clear out towns or just smash through wandering zombies on the road.

A solar station consists of a bunch of vehicle frames with solar panels and vehicle batteries installed. The solar panels will charge up any batteries on the same vehicle when the weather is clear or sunny during the day. Appliances simply draw power from batteries on the same vehicle.

A large electric motor probably could do the trick for traveling on looting runs and getting away in emergencies. Whether or not you could live on a two tile electric scooter depends. Seats make for decent sleeping places in a pinch, and a cargo carrier could let you carry plenty of loot. This kind of vehicle could travel well over 100 mph safetly, but would require decent amounts of charge, so maybe two storage batteries. If you have bionics or keep some necessities stowed in your seat you probably can live around the vehicle for a bit, but remember to have a seatbelt or five point harness installed. If you use an electric motor instead, the scooter would travel safetly slower, probably 60 mph and lower, but cost less fuel to run while also being more easiky replaced if destroyed.

As for loot carrying, you probably can make a truck powered by foot pedals with as many trunks you can fit and heavy plated boards. Any plating probably would work, but at max speed (which takes a while) you can demolish a few wall tiles if necessary while also having absurd amounts of storage - my version of this holds over 11000 volume.

These two vehicles are what I use, so its mostly a matter of personal preference.

You’d need a bunch of vehicle parts - frames, storage batteries, solar panels/non-electric engines with alternators/minireactor and plutonium cells, and crafting rigs (which you can make yourself with enough skill), and construction book to get enough construction to be able to build the house, if you want a house. If you don’t mind constant mob announcements and attacks, build near a river/swamp, swamps have a bonus of lots of deadly traps, and saltwater tiles (which you can use for getting salt, now, and use straight for base of nearly all chemicals).

Your best bet is finding an APC/military cargo truck, and replacing part with lots of seats with crafting rigs/cargo spaces/bed. Both of these are military-plated from the get-go, which provides the highest protection, and MCTs have spike plating in front (not sure about APCs). Don’t forget to move controls to the middle front seat, too, if you’re using a vehicle direction marker! Having it be to the side of vehicle center is unwiedly.

Definitely, it’s got much more features (like, say, qualities - which easen your life, and life of whoever writes recipes, a lot), isn’t THAT unstable, and only a little slower unless you have a rusted bucket of bolts for your PC.

Haven’t seen any, but see lots of reports about these. Try traps, including pit traps, and keeping a 2x4 or several nearby to bridge the pits if you need out.

They’re TERRIFYINGLY laggy, as far as I’m aware, no idea for other points except the housespawn one - no, only way they’re getting inside is by bashing their way in. They’re not NPCs after all.
Oh, speaking of which. If you’re playing with NPCs enabled, and use a pre-determined location (shelter, LMOE shelter, etc) for your home, prepare to fill it with traps and store your items inside closed crates, because NPCs care jack about who’s living there, who’s owner, etc and WILL try to steal your items or occupy your bed and greet you with a shotgun to the face.

Hm, if I were you I would set goals that are a little less extreme, tbh.

Like, as first goal, you could set surviving at all cost.

I can recommend experimental, although you should save often, when you’re working on something big, to avoid frustration n the case of a crash.

Static NPCs are safe to activate and won’t steal your stuff, btw.
Random NPCs are more of a challenge.

[quote=“Umbra Vorago, post:1, topic:7377”]A few Questions

Q1) Should I play the experimental build? I’m not bothered by crashes, that’s what saves are for, I’d just like to know how unstable it may be or if it’s unplayable, because I’d love to try the new features and see new enemies.

Q2) Last time I played, every night I’d wake up to Zombears and other such animals at my door ready to tear my face off, because the Zombie Wildlife do not use the Static Spawn system. Is this still the case? Will I wake up every day in my shack to find myself surrounded by those hulking monstrosities? If so how can I stop this?

Q3) Wandering Zombie Hordes, now THAT is something I’m both eager and terrified to encounter. But do they spawn randomly? Do they not use Static Spawn? Is there a chance one could spawn in my home?[/quote]
Q1) well sometimes latest experimental can have some gamebreaking bugs sometimes they give you advantage or disadvantage but they are fixed fast (sometimes it takes just few hours) just someone need to tell devs about this

Q2) zombears and other things will keep spawn maybe create some smoke in braizer when you sleep this will little help you alslo can use laser turrets they are good too but work only during day and are loud (nice wake up if you have zombie animals outside)

Q3)some time ago horde was a lagging zombie spammer but now are slighty less terrible they can get destroyed after spawn pool is depleted and hordes start at city but later walk randomly on the roads and following your sounds (they cant spawn in your house but they can get to you) some med game characters can kill hordes without problems

Car choice really depends on your playstyle and whether you have zombie hordes on. If they’re on, be prepared to always be on a run from a ton of zombies hearing you from 50+ map tiles each time you put your weak inline-4 engine on. Seriously, currently their hearing is completely imbalanced.

With the hordes off, the optimal strat (at least for me) uses two cars: a big armored truck (say, an APC or a Humvee) with a bed, lots of trunks and a welding rig on as a crafting/storage space. It usually remains stationary and is used for changing the base location or an emergency GTFO. A second car is a refurbished motorcycle with a couple of trunks and a more powerful engine, which is used to raid locations like cities/labs/etc. The trick with it is to leave it 1-tile wide, that way you’ll have maneuvrability and speed to avoid bushes and to skid around zombies/wrecked cars in towns.
The playstyle this way goes: find a new base of operations -> loot everything around it -> find a new base in progress -> move to the new base -> repeat until you’ve decided to crash for a long time.
You can go on gasoline for quite a while, its consumption is very little as long as you don’t go 300kph all day every day, and one gas station’s worth of gas lasts a LONG while. Plus you don’t have to rely on sun. IMO full electric is for extremely late game, when you have a load of quantum or reinforced upgraded solar panels.
As for a location for a base: LMOE’s are best for survival and for getting a hang on late game, but are frequently positioned in a forest or in the middle of nowhere, plus they get boring after a while. Public works facilities (lots of tools to fix your cars), mansions (unlimited water sometimes), motels (ditto), cleared out labs (ditto) and cleared out hospitals (healing from mr. stemcell) are my personal favs, as they’re usually located on a comfortable distance from cities.

If you want a house-like vehicle, best bet there is probably a Luxury RV. Replace the engine with… Well, I’d say a V12 engine if you can find a Sports Car to yank it from, but otherwise a V8. Add on Large Electric Motors as you see fit, or possibly solely use them later on, cover the thing in Advanced Solar Panels that you nabbed from a Solar Car, or just normal ones, stick a truck alternator on your engine and fill up every space that’s not got a water tank/gas tank in it with storage batteries. Get yourself a welding rig, forge rig, chemistry lab, recharging station (make every battery-using tool rechargeable, obviously), FOODCO kitchen buddy, kitchen unit, minifridge to get yourself some cool drinks and keep your fish from rotting too quickly. Stuff every metalworking tool you can into the welding rig (goggles, hammer, crucible, tongs, anvil), every food-making tool in the kitchen buddy (waffle iron, pasta extruder, still), get two or three water tanks in there, fill them up using a steel jerrycan that you purify with the kitchen buddy, maybe keep a gallon barrel of some sort filled with salt water for making bleach/jerky, if dehydrated food starts to wear on you. As for defenses… I find you generally don’t go very wrong with military composite plating, just stick it on… Basically every part. Oh, also, fill every space that’s not used for anything else (keep a few cargo spaces for really huge things) with floor trunks. Why use aisles? Oh, and if you can find any, stick plasma guns onto it. They run off electricity, so, no wastefulness there. Also maybe some spikes on front.

where i can find palsma guns?

The same place you find a lot of stuff: Somewhere, possibly in a lab, possibly a shop. Maybe in a bank vault, if you can hack into it. (Or just take an Acetylene Torch/Jackhammer to it).

I’d like to drop a note on zombie hordes, but they are handled vastly differently between the stable and the experimental. In the experimental they are basically giant walking spawners, which means that they just appear around you like fungaloids do, and there are so many there isn’t much you can do about it. In the experimental they are handled much more decently, and work as roaming static packs of zombies, which can actually split up and wander around in smaller groups under certain conditions.

As for crashing, it’s usually pretty rare that we run into something too crazy (and usually it’s accompanied with a bigger rework or fix for something else). That said without compiling it yourself it won’t be as optimized for speed as the release builds are, so it’ll run a little slower (excepting the potential that we have made some lag improvements since the stable).

I play with nothing but the experimentals, I generally download a new one after each death and havent seen a crash of any kind in months. That side of them is pretty stable, though you do occasionally come up against game breaking bugs which can generally be fixed by waiting a day or so then downloading the new one and transferring your save across.

Thank you to everyone who has posted, your advice has been a great help! I’ve not been able to reply recently due to lack of a stable internet, but I have been keeping an eye on the thread! However after playing and seeing the responses, I have so many more questions! :stuck_out_tongue: But first, in the below spoiler is a reply to each of the posts since my last post.

Thank you for the help with a vehicle, it’s not been easy building one up and salvaging parts from vehicles, but it’s been a nice fun challenge. Could you perhaps post a screenshot of your vehicle? I would love to get an idea of to what mine should look like and what parts would be best to use, thanks!

Thank you Barhandar, though I have to ask, where would I get a mini-reactors and plutonium cells for my vehicle? My hope is to one day build a behemoth of a vehicle which survives on electricity/nuclear energy, so I don’t have to keep siphoning gas.

Well that’s why these are ‘long’ term goals. :stuck_out_tongue: Surviving is a given, but I’ve played before I know the basics and how to survive. The point of this is because I’m tired of just ‘surviving’, now, I want to truly ‘live’, to be able to build up my own fortress for NPC’s and myself to live, rebuild a society which can survive independently without having to leave the walls constantly.

I see what you mean with the experimental builds being unpredictable from one to the next! Do you, or anyone perhaps know when the next ‘stable’ release will be? Or at least know of an experimental build which doesn’t have any real issues?

Thank you for the advice, I took your advice and replaced my car for a Military Humvee, now I don’t have to worry about my car falling apart for running in to a few random flowers!

Now this sounds like my dream vehicle and my goal! Could you by any chance post a screenshot of such a vehicle so I know what I’m aiming towards? Or make a diagram of what it should look like? I generally work better off images. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the reply! You seem to know a lot about the zombie horde system, could you perhaps explain to me the spawning requirements of them? I’ve been told they wont spawn in my house, but is it possible for them to spawn for example, just outside my house, even if the house was then surrounded by a giant wall? Or will they only spawn in certain locations? Do they ever stop spawning? Etc.

Great advice, and I have been doing this, changing experimental builds each time I die! Although I would love to know, how do you transfer a save across? And what about your items?

Okay, and below here is a long list of lots and lots of new questions I have which the wiki or anywhere else was little to no help on. :stuck_out_tongue:


Q1) I needed a Jackhammer rather badly, I finally found the book which teaches you how to ‘craft’ one, however it states you need one ‘rebar’. Now I looked everywhere online, all I could find is it saying you can get rebar from knocking down walls or burning houses to the ground, which I remember doing a long time ago to get some. However, maybe it was just the build I was playing, I could not get ANY rebar. I’m not joking when I say I bunt down an entire town and bulldozed another to find some. I even read you could dismantle lumps/chunks of steel for some, but to no avail. How exactly do you get rebar?

Q2) In one of the more recent experimental builds, I found a Granade. God I love Granades. However, using it was broken, every single Granade I threw did nothing. Is that a common bug with them, or was I just unlucky?

Q3) One issue I’ve run in to on one of the new builds is that in my humvee, whilst driving out on a field in a fully fixed humvee, sometimes certain parts of it will just randomly explode. I don’t mean “Oh you ran over a land mine there was an explosion” kind of explosion, I mean as if a section of the vehicle will just randomly shatter in to bits for no reason other than maybe touching a flower or a shrub. Does this happen a lot? Or once again, is it just the build I’m on?

Q4) How do I tell if an electric appliance is working? In one of my earlier saves, I found a brilliant place in the basement of a house to call home, with sofas, bookshelves, fridges, and even a pool table! But how could I tell if the fridge was working? If not, how could I make it work? This is one of the big things I want answering, I mean in the distant future how am I meant to build a fridge (or move one) in to my home, then power it? Do I run a vehicle part between it (Acting like a wire to connect), through the wall to an outside generator? Or does the wall conduct electricity? I don’t want to have to build a fridge outside the house connected to a generator.

Q5) Ideally, to survive I’d mutate and be heavily filled with bionics. Now I know some NPC’s don’t like you if you’ve mutated, but what would happen if you say, made friends with someone who hated mutants whilst you were ‘pure’, then mutated heavily. Would they turn on you? Or will they be your buddy forever?

Q6) Do I have to feed NPC’s that are my followers? Or do they just survive?

Q7) Can I tell NPC’s to wait in a certain location, so I could position them around my future base as guards?

Q8) If I told an NPC to stay near my home, how will I stop them taking my things? Could I lock the door before I leave?

Q9) What is the ‘experimental z levels’ mod? I’m assuming it allows zombies to move around even if they’re not on the same floor as you?

Q10) In one of my more recent games, I managed to find quite a few marloss bushes. (Which by the way, the wiki really needs updating or changing, for ages I thought the marloss bushes were shaped like a 1, but instead they’re a #.) After eating a bunch of them, more marloss bushes spawned around me? Could I then perhaps use this ability to make a Marloss farm? A secluded walled in area to keep eating the berries in, where more berries could possibly spawn? Or is this not meant to happen, I read somewhere it’s not meant to spawn marloss bushes.

Q11) Ice-labs. I was lucky to find a one floor lab once, but how is one meant to deal with labs that just keep going down and getting colder and colder? Really it confuses me why the places don’t have some form of central heating, how in the hell did the scientists used to work down there?

Q12) I was travelling through one city I had never been in before, and found a lot of random eyebots flying around. What are they meant to do exactly and why are they around? I didn’t do anything to spawn them, I’d never even been there before!

Q13) Every save I’ve had recently, I’ve not found a single trap spawn. You know, the kind with spiked boards or crossbows around? On the other hand I’ve found plenty of corpses with drugs surrounded by Kreks, Mi-go’s and Shoggoths. Is this a bug or am I just really unlucky? Or maybe it’s changed? Back then I used to always try find one of those trap areas to get a crossbow to help.

Q14) Does anyone know of an experimental build which is a little bit more, you know… Stable? I know that’s kind of the point of it being experimental, but I’d love a build with all the updates, without one not being able to use Granades, but another has random exploding vehicles, but another after that you can’t do this or that, etc etc. Which do you guys recommend?

Q15) If you kill a zombie, it revives a few hours later. That’s fine, I like that, but does it have less health than before? I mean it stands to reason if you smash a rotting corpses face in, then the next time it gets back up it wont be quite so durable. Or do they just get back up after a nice nap feeling fully refreshed?

Q16) Does anyone have a page listing all mutations and what each one leads to? Sadly the pages on the wiki are outdated or in-accurate.

Q17) Not sure if this is still the case, but a long time ago, if you got too many bionics you wouldn’t be able to see them all on the list to activate. Is this still the case? I’d hate to have to go choose which I do and don’t want, I’m a bit CBM addicted. Well except for the Fusion Blaster CBM, I’m rather partial to keeping my arm, you know, I’m just a bit too ‘attached’ to it. Heh, sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun.

That’s all I can think of right now, although I’m sure there was more. Any help with the questions asked is greatly appreciated, especially about the electronic devices![/spoiler]

Lastly, below is just a bunch of random notes by me, suggestions, amazing strokes of luck I’ve had, or funny ways my characters have died in my venture to fulfil my dream.


A suggestion I have, is why don’t we have dreams? I mean I know we have dreams depending on certain mutation thresholds, but why can’t we have pleasant dreams which make us feel better, or be plagued by terrible nightmares giving a penalty to moral? Maybe you could have a nightmare so bad you wake up and scream/yell in terror? Maybe it could be a bad trait, who knows.

I think I hold the record in shortest life lived. I was playing the Burning Building scenario, moved 3 tiles after spawning, the roof fell on my head killing me instantly. That said, damn that scenario is hard, because even if you get out in time, you’re surrounded by super fast zombies and their pet zombie dogs, all of which were drawn closer to you because of the noise made by a burning building. :s

Granades… I love them, so much. If there’s one thing I love more than Bionics, it’s Granades. I threw one thinking it was a ‘grenade’ at a zombie necromancer and his pals, which then buffed them all. Then after dying, next run, I threw all my Granades at my feet one at a time thinking each one would buff me. I used 9 Granades, had 2 Bugfixes, 1 Bees, 1 Nerf, 2 reverts and 3 Buffs. I’m not kidding when I say I had about 30 in all stats and over 40 intelligence, I was unstoppable, bludgeoning entire cities of zombies with my Halligan Bar.

That said, he was my most amazing character, but he died in the dumbest of ways that was entirely my fault… I mean I’ve died plenty of times, but this was the worst. I decided I wanted to break in to a Military Bunker, so after dealing with the turrets and surrounded zombies, I ran up, opened my inventory, activated my C4, set it to go off in 10 turns, legged it, then waited… Then boom! You see what I did wrong? That’s right, I activated the C4, I forgot to put the damn thing down on the ground… I kinda froze up I couldn’t believe what I saw… If someone has a dumber way they’ve died, please tell me, it’d make me feel a lot better. xD[/spoiler]

Anyway, thank you again for all the help, it’s great to be back in to the game!

Q1: as the others said. rebars are gotten from destroyed buildings. Shovel the rubble to see them if there’s rubble on them.
If this does not work, you may need to ask the author of the new bashing system about it.

Q2: bug i’d guess

Q3: anti-tank flowers were a bug and are fixed afaik. use the latest experimental.

Q4: no appliance works as there is no power to the power grid. (active terminals are exceptions)
Currently there is no way to power them as we have no fixable/craftable power transfer system.
Use the mountable versions of these, mounted on a vehicle frame, powered by a vehicle batery. (they are draggable if not too heavy)

Q5-8: never played with NPC’s on

Q9: it adds some multi-level buildings with stairs to go up/down. afaik no other change in gameplay.

Q10: marloss berries also entail some dangers. no revealing those.

Q11: the answer to why is usually at the bottom. also in the terminals. they do end somewhere, but to clear some, you have to be very patient. Or you can just turn back and try another lab. Ice labs do nat have better loot.

Q12: You might have triggered an alarm nearby, or they could have spawned b/c someone else triggered an alarm, or spawned at mapgen.
Each time they take your picture, a cop bot will be summoned.

Q13: This is for the bugs i think. I admit i recently have seen no traps too. Saw landmines though.

Q14: No. Since stuff gets added daily, it may be unbalanced, and by the time it gets fixed, something new may unbalance it again. Play the latest, and if you encounter game-breaking bugs, wait till they get fixed and transfer your save.
I don’t know of a ‘stable-ish’ experimental (though some may exist)

Q15: Refreshed cause the lore states that the goo has regen capabilities. They regenerate.

Q16: You got to code-dive i believe. But the wiki has lots of correct info about mutations afaik. Also do forum searches and google searches for specific stuff.

Q17: Fixed, you can move the list up/down

PS. no record holding for shortest lived. try spawning in a turret room at lab scenario. 1 move insta-kill!

reply to your reply to my post) i do not except to see a new stable build, experimental have so many bugs and unbalances or unfinished features and alslo some pepole add new features what create new bugs

Q2)grenades(granades, emp, flashbang, grenade) do not work in latest experimental wait a day and upgrade again
Q3)flower have now a nice anti-tank ability of course its a bug i do not downloaded today experimental (23-09-2014) but you can try maybe its fixed
Q4)fridge is basicaly free rubber hose and some scrap they do not work only minifridge work when instaled in car you can create generator with fridge by placing few frames like for building a car place smallest engie like that from lawnmower place alternator (truck is best) and gas tank with few car batteries or other energy storage devices and you have working generator now stick car things like minifridge or welding rig you alslo need car controls to turn on fridge and engie
Q6) my friend do not eat drink and sleep for years npc just do not have needs like eat thrist and sleep
Q7)yes i had 2 guards but after one walked inside my storage and started picking up everything i had to kill him (i nearly died because he got my firearms!)
Q8)they pick up everything what they see but they ignore things in cars (trunks, box, shoping cart basket, cargo carrers) close your doors and make sure they will never see your stuff
Q9)this add positive(non underground) z levels for some buildings
Q11)some labs are warmer but ice labs central heating is just broken (stuff can break when aliens and zombies are running around)
Q13)dead bodies are map specials what spawn nether world creatures but trap special (these few traps with some loot) do not spawn any creatures
Q14) 2085 was pretty stable but i do not know what now do not have game breaking bugs
Q16) wiki have small amout of information about mutations or cbms but is still enought up to date to be usefull
Q17) i have nearly every cbm and i do not have problems with it it forms 2 columns one with pasiwe bionics and one with active bionics

for most dumb dead what i had is throwing a dynamite and hoping that 1 tile wide wall will defend me agaist explosion (i was breaking in a bank after i failed few times to hack)

another stupid injury (but not die) was after riot bot arrested and handcuffed me (i followed his orders to see what will hapen) but copbots recognie handcuffs as a weapon and cop bot ordered me to drop it but its impossible to drop electric handcuffs or unweld them before charge runs out at least i had directional EMP cbm

Mini-reactors probably in labs/military bunkers, plutonium cells in bank safes. You’ll have to keep finding more of them if you don’t go full solar, though.

Most of them don’t. Next stable will be in a long, long time, so you’re better off using experimentals. Current one is mostly bug-less.

Lies. Dirty lies. My house can only be entered by a zombie through breaking a reinforced wooden door and wading through traps on one side and permanent acid field on the other (yay bugs) and I still have to deal with a sudden zombie in my bedroom occasionally - with all doors and windows intact.

Just take ‘save’ folder and drop it into a newer version’s folder. Might wish to do that with ‘config’, too.

You get lucky when butchering NPCs, or find a ‘concrete’ wall/floor and explode that, and they’re incredibly rare for some reason.
You can’t get any from dismantling, whoever wrote that misunderstands dismantle system.
You can also get a jackhammer in hardware stores and pawn shops, for low-tech version you can use pickaxe, and I’ve heard that there’s a wall-destroying bionic, but never saw one myself.

There was a bug where all explosives, except for acid bomb, disappeared instead of explosion. Fixed in later experimentals.

It’s a peculiar vehicle collision bug. Don’t know if it’s fixed or not, try not to drive over flowers for now. Basically, when flower collides with a wheel (only part it can collide with in later experimentals) and it’s under a vehicle… boom.

Get a minifridge, construct a vehicle with controls and filled storage battery (preferably also a source of power - minireactor, engine with alternator, or, if on surface, solar panels), install minifridge, activate controls, turn minifridge on.
The only electricity-consuming-by-common-sense things that work outside vehicles are consoles, and some lab things.

They don’t care about anything but traps, I believe.

Stuff them into crates. You can’t lock anything otherwise.

It allows buildings that span more than one z-level up.

You’ll suddenly stop breathing and die.

Get high-warmth gear, and on the lower levels don’t stop for more than necessary.
And ice labs are much rarer than normal labs, 1/4 or even 1/5.
Also, when a bug with items ignoring icelab’s temperature is fixed, they’re going to turn into huge iceboxes! Rotting stops completely when below freezing point.

They’re meant to snap pictures of you and summon riot control/police bots. A source of free electronic components, basically.

Never found one lately either, but there are minefields.

I’m playing on 2124. It has extremely convenient permanent-acid-bombs.

Depending on corpse damage, yes. If you pulp it ('s’mash) or butcher, it won’t stand up at all.

? - 1 - p - - ESC - Y - ESC - - 9, check the mutation you’re interested in.

You can reassign the numbers and the list probably scrolls. I have no idea, I don’t get THAT many bionics. Oh, and if you get enough to have one assigned to ‘!’, it will be forever unusable.

I will get around to remaking and tinkering a few vehicles in my save so I can get you some screenshots. Glad to be of service!

Q1) Have you been clearing the rubble? It should be giving you rebar.

Q2) Personally have no experience with Granades. Were there no messages after using them?

Q3) Shrubs tend to damage vehicle parts when you are moving at a certain speed. Not sure on the flowers.

Q4) Fridges are hooked up to the nonexistant power grid which happens to be down. However, if you find an RV, you probably can salvage a mini-fridge to install in a vehicle.

Q5) NPC interactions seem rather simplistic. I’m sure they would be fine with you still?

Q6) NPCs have no need of shelter, no need of food, no need of drink. They’re not even alive, really.

Q7) You probably can just have the NPC follow you to position you and adjust combat settings as needed. Once they’re in place, tell them that you’re leaving them and they should stay in place. As for being guards… I can’t really attest to their abilities in that department.

Q8) NPCs tend to not move unless there is something to kill nearby and have rather limited inventory space. You probably could use the new resealable crates to secure your goods. I’m not sure if they can take things from trunks and other vehicle containers.

Q9) Experimental z-levels has multiple map levels that allows for multistory buildings and such.

Q10) Can’t say much about marloss. Mutations seem to be in the works for it, though.

Q11) Can’t say. If only the official lore addressed that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Q12) Eyebots are part of the police system. They take pictures of you, and call the copbots on you that try to apprehend you. More often than not they just try to kill you, for lore reasons.

Q13) Not sure. I have never found traps, perhaps they are rare. However, those corpse fields with Nether creatures are perfectly normal, and are more frequent in comparison.

Q14) Personally, I have been on 2076 for a while, mostly because I don’t feel like damaging items by running over them. I would say most experimentals are relatively stable, but as for specific features working in them, I would not know. I just go where the shiny things are. :slight_smile:

Q15) Hm… experimentation might be in order to find out to see zombie health after reanimating.

Q16) Debug menu is the closest thing you have. Go to Mutate, and you can browse through all the mutations.

Q17) People say you can scroll the list of bionics.

I have returned! Again I want to thank you all for the great help you have been, practically all my previous questions have been answered, and most of those that haven’t I figured out! However now I have a few new questions I need answering before I get back in to my new world after my previous worlds tragic incident.

  1. Static NPC’s, so far with this turned on, I’ve only ever found the one NPC, and that’s the one you start with. Do any more ever appear? Or will I only ever get that one and no more?

  2. Fishing, in my previous world I found a nice area next to a bridge to fish, except later it said there were no longer any fish. Does this mean it’s possible to over fish an area? And if so, do the fish ever return?

  3. What is the best and most reliable source of food? I read on here one player hoarded over 8000 volume worth of meat jerky, however each time I went out hunting for food I would just barely find enough meat to eat for the day, not enough to stockpile for later.

  4. Farming, I’ve not tried it yet, how does it work exactly? How long does it take for plants to grow in to food? Will I have to keep watering them or can I just leave them be?

  5. Roaming Hordes, spawning: I still need to know how this works, will they just keep spawning throughout the game? Is there a way to stop them spawning after clearing a city for example?

  6. Roaming Hordes, hearing: Drive a car around for a little bit, hordes, hordes everywhere. It’s like they hear me from halfway around the world, or am I just imagining things? Because every time I went out in my vehicle, drove the smallest amount of distance at top speed of 20 mph, I check the map to find a butt load of zombie hordes coming at me from all directions.

  7. Roaming Hordes, not hordes?: Seriously, 98% of all the “zombie hordes” I’ve ran in to, have not been hordes, they’ve been one lone wandering zombie of some variety. I mean really the whole “Zombie Hordes” thing isn’t what I personally thought it would be like, I had imagined they would spawn in the game during world generation, a massive horde of zombies, that wandered around the map until killed.

  8. What buildings are made out of concrete walls? I really need rebar!

  9. I once found a very… Unique monster in the woods, Shia Labeouf. Is this a reference to something? Or just a unique person/enemy added in to the game?

That’s all I can think of for now, thanks for any help you can give me! :smiley: