@mention ettiquite

Don’t “@” someone unless absolutely necessary. It actually emails them.

Actually, we should really get a collection of PSAs for users. Just out of convenience, I mean. This isn’t a problem, but it’d be nice to have this info out in the open.


It only emails them if they don’t change it from the default settings in their user profile settings, the same settings also emails if you just reply to someone. It’s annoying as hell, but easy to turn off. Here is how you do it:

Click on your profile avatar on the top right and then the gear symbol, click on email, then uncheck the box that says “Send me an email when someone quotes me, replies to my post, mentions my @username, or invites me to a topic”.

I personally unchecked all of them, and do it for all the forums I join… since they’re usually always sending emails until you update your preferences.

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Better idea: don’t @ me unless you actually need a response, and do @ me when you actually do need a response.

What about quoting and replying to you? You’re saying we should avoid that too, because you don’t want to uncheck a box?

Nobody said anything about that, don’t @mention people frivilously, it’s really simple.

Got it, sorry if I came off sounding as a dick.