Vehicle 360° view design


I’m a bit disappointed by the 18-tiles range of cameras, so I’ll double that with external mirrors. Problem is, they are very fragile. Any good design that would make them quite protected from impacts while doing their job?

Also, having your sides made entirely of door, so you can see through, seems a good idea if you don’t mind the reduced resistance, right? Any opinion on that?

This is what I’m currently using
This composition gives about 3/4th of a circle FoV, it’s more than enough for me. The only problem is running into zeds while moving diagonally, it can (and does) damage the mirrors.
Oh, you may also try putting reinforced windshields and some armor plating on the tiles with mirrors.

About doors: all doors in my vehicle are opaque because screw turrets shooting at me through them if I have an unlucky turn.

e: almost forgot, those 3 tiles between mirrors is heavy duty board (opaque as well). Due to a bug(feature?), even if you can see everything through the mirror, your enemies cannot see you through it, they can only use direct LoS, which in this layout is very very small.

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Also, someone once wrote about getting pulled out of a moving vehicle through a (closed?) door by a grappler zombie and then beeing turned into ketchup by the tire(s) of his/her own vehicle.
So yeah, probably a bad idea to use just doors for the sides…