Various small issues

just a collection of various small bugs and issues I noticed while playing

-there is a battery in the game watch despite the fact you load a battery into it

-the staff sling extremely short compared to a long branch leading to it being storable in a backpack despite being more like a quarterstaff

-if you make a light frame from cordage and branches then use it to start a vehicle. deconstructing the vechile then frame results in short rope and planks (easy solution would be to make cordage rope and branches the “default” materials)

-pistol bayonet is better than makeshift knife
pistol bayonet : 0.25L, butchering: 15,weight:0.12kg
makeshift knife: 0.26L, butchering: 11,weight:0.58kg

-pipe shotgun is better than slamfire shotgun in every regard

-oat seeds contain b12

-long knit scarf made from yarn, material is cotton

-fetlock furs made from cotton, material is fur

-chitinous armor requires principles of leatherworking, despite containing no leather

-a secret cabin in the woods looks like a forest tile on the ground, roof is a cabin roof (as opposed to open air) kind of gives it’s location away

-(light) wood frame fit in a duffel bag but can be dissembled into planks which can’t fit in the duffel bag

-gravel is weird
it blocks furniture(how?)
it is smashable(good strength and a quarterstaff)
deconstructing it yields far more pebbles then was used to make it

-scraps of meat have no vitamins despite still being big enough to have a noticeable amount of b12

-you can see npc’s names on overmap by scrolling over them despite being so far you have no idea what is at that tile

-start a “too large” craft (say 50 earthbags), game won’t let you craft it because it is too large. putting on a workbench will not allow you to craft it despite the text provided suggesting it should.

things that might not be a bug but feel like it

-using soapy water to clean a gun requires 32 units of water and soap

-calcium carbide mix should use charcoal as an analog for coke not coal

-when you can and can’t plant should be based on the part of the season you are in (ex 2/3 through spring). not when the temperature goes above 10C since this can lead to weird start stop planting due to daily temperature fluctuations

-“bleached makeshift bandages”, and “boiled makeshift bandages” should be combined into one item such as “sterile makeshift bandages” to avoid unessary clutter.

edit:added spacing

thanks for the link, I’ll make use of it tomorrow.