Various Crashes With Latest Version

What’s up guys, I’m having issues and a lot of them; I can recreate crashes in the current latest version. And I’d like some assistance with potentially fixing them (also first post, so sorry if it’s formatted poorly)

Firstly, attempting to grab items out of bathtubs crashes my whole game. For seemingly no reason, and it is not exclusive to a specific item or item type.

Secondly, at absolute random while travelling the map I will experience a crash, now this one is infrequent but for some reason, reloading the save and traveling to the same area will not cause the crash twice.

Version this was experienced on “0.D-4656-gc43e31e (tiles)”

Kind Regards

Picking and placing items in bathtubs will crash the game. Dev team is aware of the bug and if no one tackles this problem I’ll propose a temporary revert myself, before a better solution for liquid storage in bathtubs emerges. Or a fix if possible.


Hey thanks for the fast reply, I wrote this pretty late last night so I forgot to actually ask the question I wanted to which; thankfully you answered.

Again, I thank you and appreciate that you took your time to answer a question I forgot to write.