Experimental 10101 crash when dropping items

Hello, first time posting as I’ve just decided to have a go at the game again after a while.

I am using the launcher, and it says I’m on version 10101 - while cutting my way through a wander spawn I found a tablet thing, and decided that once it was peaceful enough I’d mess with the SD cards I also picked up - don’t really remember what they do, if anything.

Anyway, suddenly after doing so, when I tried to drop the SD-Memory Card (clean) - I think four of them at once - I got this crash:

I tried pasting the thing but it says I can’t because it counts as mentioning users - I’ll be honest, the last time I used any forum must have been… less-than-the-apocalypse-days ago, so I don’t remember the ways to put stuff in a forum message. Please let me know if there’s anything else I should put for this.

I think the user mentioning is from all those “@”; anyway did it happen with other items or just with that?, sometimes i find those kind of crashes too, but the “fix” themselves after reloading.

I figured it would be the @ symbols.
I tried playing a few more times and got similar crashes (though not entirely the same) when dropping items mostly, although occasionally when I killed a zombie where there were already corpses or if I killed them while they were over vehicles. I don’t know if there is a trend to it, it seems to just kind of happen sometimes.

I also have it crash any and every time I tab out of the game, but I seem to remember it used to just close itself without a crash before when I played, and that’s been a thing for quite a while, so I didn’t think much of it - just as a quirk of the game.

Been getting these crashes with every play through since I came back. Version wasss…looks 10012.

Not sure if this is recent or what. But I find it unplayable when it seems fairly random. Tried half a dozen reorganization of my mods. Tried with various mods and without mods. I cannot pinpoint what the cause is either. Seems picking up an item or when a zombie dies and drops loot. That is the only reliable thing that seems to happen more than anything else.

Newest experimental version seems to work for me, the overmap bug persists though. (side panel missing)

Will test when I get home. Thanks for the mention.