Game crashes when trying to load batteries into stuff

so yeah the game keeps crashing when I try to load batteries into things, like my mp3 player and radiation biomonitor thingy and energy weapons.
while not catastrophic, its making things a bit difficult.
heres a screenshot of the crashlog, idk what any of it means but hopefully it might help, will hapily provide screenshots and info if needed

fixed it by templating my character and starting again in the same world

well it lets me reload my rifle atleast

Edit 2, the sequel: Okay okay, figured it out. I just remembered this happened before. When I try to reload stuff (just by pressing “r”) haphazardly, it seems like this can crash things (seg fault). If I make sure the heavy plut battery is in my inventory (reloading the rm13 armor in this case) instead of lying on an adjacent space, everything works as expected.

I have also been totally unable to consume batteries to power my CBMS, which might be related since this looks like some sort of battery/magazine bug.

It could be that whatever is crashing the game upon attempting to insert stuff from the ground is also preventing the “eat” interface from detecting batteries on the ground, which afaik makes it impossible to use the battery power CBM (since you can’t eat batteries in your inventory, which is a feature I appreciate). Prior to a VERY recent update, you could “wield” free floating battery power, meaning you could rip 40k “power” out and just hold it in your hands, though you couldn’t do much with it. I’m guessing that whatever fixed this also made it impossible to consume battery power.

Ive managed to somewhat circumvent it by picking up the most essential of my loot (all 450kg of it) in as many forms of storage as I can wear, saving that character to template and moving into a new world.
just after I got my Joop all repaired and covered in armor and rams ;-;

I had to do the same thing when I found out none of my bridges were going to be usable. I just got my new deathbox furnished too. I don’t mind though, starting fresh is kind of fun now and then.

agreed starting fresh is good but id like to be able to play for more than a week before being forced to start over tbh, at first it was cause of updates and AVG being a fuck but the past few times have mostly been my own fault tbh
this game is a learning process tbh, and today ive learned to not fiddle around with the files unless someone much smarter than me tells me how :3

aaaand i just realised that I wrote tbh 3 fucking times in that comment
I have a problem

ok problem not fixxed

sorry didnt know you edited, this actually explains why I sometimes could and sometimes couldnt reload batteries
thx for the update and hopefully thisll get fixed soon or somethinng idk