Variety of the World

Have any plans been made to make the world more diverse? Right now you can travel for a thousand miles and still be stuck in New England forever. It would be neat to be able to reach the sunbaked desert of the American Southwest, the sub-tropical near-jungle of the Deep South, or the windswept tundra of the Canadian Shield. This would obviously be a long-term thing, but I think it could really add to the fun of exploration.

Or, for that matter, travel east a bit and reach the windswept whitecaps of the North Atlantic. Desalinization, etc ahoy!

Or different starting areas. Giving you a choice of country and area of said country. It would also be very cool to be able to still travel back to good ole New England though.

Maybe add something like a world gen feature that reflects a geographical area by changing how it lays the world out and it’s general climate. Heartlands would more farms and fields, Maine would have more forests, Florida more swamps and rain higher temperatures, ect.

I imagine this would be a pain to code however.

BTW, It doesn’t have to be “our” world.

Just like in Dark Tower series, the world has moved on, maybe.

answer to OP:

Short: Yes

Long: yeah, it’s in the works