Cdda Vs. The World

I don’t know if some people have already talked about a topic similar to this. Or have talked about this exact topic. But, i felt that this is an interesting topic to talk about regardless.

For awhile now i have thought about “what if in cdda you were able to explore actual parts of the world.” For instance, what if you were able to explore New York, or some other large city. I feel this would be quite interesting in terms of gameplay, and would give a bit of insight on how the rest of the world is doing during the cataclysm.

Of course this would have to be generated, which isn’t really what I think cdda is going for. But of course this is nothing but an idea. I’m not saying this should be a thing, rather I’m just telling about a cool thought I had.

(Btw, i wasn’t sure if i should put this here. Or in “The bunker” so excuse me if this doesn’t go here.)

Database size is 4 GB for MA alone.