At world gen, an option to choose temperature level?

I’d like to have an option, to choose the temperature level on my world, +/- 5°, 10°, 15°, 20° Celsius, so i can play in a permafrost or in a never frost world, or a little less cold than currently, etc. Some change on animals, zombies, water level… may then happen.

Was it already discussed ? I couldn’t find. It is something we can expect for a more or less near future ?


Sounds cool but don’t know if doable.

We had geographic regions in the past, they didn’t exactly allow you to fine tune the temperature levels to how you wanted, but they came with terrain, climate, and monster changes. However, the dev who was working on them left, and nobody has been continuing their work, so dont get your hopes up.

Start in winter
Set seasons to max days

Extremely doable, but only for first turn. Then the temperature will return to normal. Anymore than that I don’t know how doable it is.

As John points out, setting the region is something we’d support, possibly even including having it take effect as you move around the world, so perhaps you could just head south for the winter for a less harsh experience.

Just a toggle for temperature, not so much.

Would be very good, to move south for a warmer winter, going north to have a more icy experience. It would give an additional reason to be nomad instead of building a fortified place.

Sounds like a


cool idea.