No Zombie Mutation tree?

How come there isn’t a zombie mutation tree? A category of mutations that grant zombie like traits would be interesting. Besides random mutation chance, what if there’s a rare chance to gain zombie traits during infection? What if you are part of the one percent that are immune to zombie virus, becoming more zombie like but retaining your mind. I would imagine this category being 70% bad traits, but could have some useful mutations that might be worth that risk like infectious bite or immune to smoke effects.

I’m working on some custom scenarios, one being a Patient Zero one where you never fully turned. However, there aren’t many appropriate traits currently in game. Would be great to see one day!

As far as the lore goes, there is no “zombie infection” in c: dda.

Also, can you give an example of “zombie trait”?

Perhaps the nechronica mod is a good starting point? I heard it has something fairly similar, and someone on discord said they fixed the bug with it not working with the current version. Here is a link to it, if you want to see if it does what you want.

All of the mutations are kinda part of the zombie mutation tree really… But if you wanted a semi undead style, medical seems to suit that pretty well.

Maybe have like calcified blob armour as a mutation or some that might work right? Maybe add in claws and darkened skin along with other mutations we already have snout might work add fangs for teeth attacks like the snapper zombie claws for the rest of the high levels. And maybe make it so killing NPCs makes you happy Cannibal and the hunter trait maybe?

I had a half-baked plan for a golem mutation tree that would basically constitute the player growing a layer of bone over their entire body. Dunno if I’ll ever try it.

Write it out. If it’s any good someone will tell you.

Like I said, half-baked. I worked out like 4 traits before I got bored and went and did something else.

Ah I thought you had more and you were meaning it was hair brained and was the sort of thing thought of when your high as hell or drunk.

Couple off top of head would be:

-Shambler: Slow movement, but zed creatures won’t aggro you at range

-Decayed Scent: You smell terrible, but no longer have a scent

-Horde mentality: Near by zeds will attack whatever you are attacking, if target is non-zed type

-Breathless: No longer need to breathe air, immune to smoke/gas effects.

-Decaying body: Bleeding harder to stop, harder to recover hp

-Hunger of the flesh: Crave live flesh, but can recover hp as well

I like this idea, we have a plant tree why not a bone or rock tree? Here’s some traits that could go with them:

-Bone/rock armor: Grown layer of natural armor over body, but is encumbering.

-Tunneler: With hardened hands, they act as a natural pickaxe, and cost less energy.

-Earth eater: Can now eat/adsorb rocks/bones for nutrition/energy as well as bonus armor.

-Rock throw: At cost of energy can throw a chunk of earth. Aoe type.

-Heavy: Can’t be knocked back or stun by most things, but also really heavy. Avoid water, or small cars

-Rock solid: Very difficult for things to penetrate body, resistant to most types of attacks that inflict some kind of status attack

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Bone skin:

Not any different than tree bark skin. Cept you wouldn’t have the spongy quality of mossy tree bark I suppose. Neither the anti-wet feature.

Bone would be better if it we scaly like lizard skin I think. Perhaps like an armadillo how it allows movement…besides limiting from weight. Which in turn thinking on this more would go well for a strong toon and encumbering for a light weight.

Could make bare knuckle boxing a hoot!