V29 Laser Pistol VS A7 Laser Rifle?

Assume that you did not have an unlimited power supply. Which weapon would be more efficient in damage per power spent?

a7: 22 damage, 40 energy
v29: 10 damag, 20 energy
Range and piercing seem to be identical.

So, a7 uses less energy per point of damage.
I think the pistol is fewer moves per attack, but I don’t think the difference is significant. However because it’s more damage per shot and fires bursts, the a7 takes down enemies much faster.

On the other hand, the pistol takes a single hand and can be stored in a holster. If you’re using medieval items, you can also have a shield in the other hand. the difference between the two is slim in terms of raw energy efficiency, so this might be something to consider


Keep the a7 and turn the v29 into a pulse laser turret

Hmm… in my game the A7 uses 25 points and the V29 uses 10. Same damage values. That would make the pistol better right? Also, do lasers have armor pierce?

They both have 15 ap in the base game.

Another thing to consider is that higher damage is far more effective against armored targets.

I’m not too sure but I think that neither can hurt skeleton mobs but it could just be the v29

Nope, I roast regular skeletons all the time with my laser rifle. A Skeletal Juggernaut is a different story ENTIRELY however. It DOES hurt them, but barely enough to scratch. Which is why I also carry a Barrett .50 Anti-Material Rifle.

Really? Then it must be when they are in turret form then as the v29 turret bounces of with 10 dmg and the Survivor UPS from Cata++ bounces off with 25 dmg one would assume the a7 with 22 dmg would bounce buuut… I have not factored in armor pierce if there is any or whether or not the turrets themselves gain or lose armor pierce

Also @nameless_survivor You and your freakin Barrett. Until you were expounding on the merits of that gun I had not found a single one in all the time I had played but after reading your comments on it the session of play I did afterwards I did not find one but TWO Barretts in extemely close proximity to each other as in one on the dead body of a soldier zombie and one in the backroom of a gun store DIRECTLY next to the corpse… I had not asked for these but I thank ye of RNG manipulation for them.

Yeah they drop surprisingly often, the ammo is powerful and plentiful too. I LOVE that thing, especially wearing power armor, I feel like a badass.

I think I’ve got about 15 of them sitting in a locker, along with hundreds of other guns. I’m saving them for my most worthy NPC followers, probably one with high per/dex, whom I’ve also installed a shitload of bionics in.

The most worthy follower I’ve found so far I gave a heavily modified Browning HMG, with two spare belts of .50 AP rounds. Everyone else I’ve taken the time to outfit has only gotten M4A1 rifles; though I’ve got a bunch of spare rechargeable batteries and heavy duty batteries, so I’m considering building a whole bunch of Shoddy Laser Rifles (these are from the Bright Nights Mod I think) to start giving the rank and file.

It just seemed funny to me how RNG decided to play with coincidences. I’ve played dozens of hours of this game killed Apophis multiple times and NEVER until now did I ever get that specific gun

Have you ever found the lens or emitter mods for the laser weapons? I have no idea where to get them, and I can’t find a recipe for them either.

Ok, this is my new favorite weapon.

Yep. Skeletal Juggernauts usually only take 3 shots. Now you see why I carry one around.

Not a clue never found them myself

Dude storm bolter turrets wreck skele jugs like 3 or 4 shot with BOLTS

Yeah but this is a man portable weapon which also doesn’t blow up everything around it. I prefer lascannons for my vehicle point defense weapons. SJ’s usually only take 2-3 shots.

Uhh storm bolters have no explosions unless loaded with explosive bolts and I have one in my driving tile for giggles because they have more range than my usual laser defense system AND it is especially good if you only have one other turret besides I like to sit and hold F and watch things die from the safety of my vehicle

But they aren’t man portable.