V29 Laser Pistol VS A7 Laser Rifle?

Ehhh I have dozens of other guns to use or make but its cheap effective and if you use blazemod it can hold 60 bolts of ANY kind and is just fun and if you want man portable just use its building component pneumatic bolt driver which is fun too

Though I’m not sure if you can use a Barrett as a turret which might be fun too

They spawn in the necropolis, down deep in the vault. Hope you’re prepared for wading through ludicrous numbers of irradiated wanderers.

I am. I just murdered an entire anthill, most with a laser rifle, the last quarter or so with my combat armored fists. I’m going to have to find a necropolis, haven’t run across one yet.

Pretty much anti big rifle is enough to kill a Juggernaut, really. Anything Rivtech works, a Moison Nagant, M14, etc. Compound bows with steel bodkin arrows work too, if you’re strong enough.

Oh, and anything that fires flechettes.

The nice thing about the smaller rifles is that you can keep them in a harness.