Are vehicle turrets worth installing?

The thing is that i want to know if this is a viable thing that shoots accurately when i use it, i don’t know what kind of gun i would mount but the slingshot cannon, splintergun and the pulse cannon are maybes.

Try any type of Rivtech Machine Gun or Laser Weapon. Those are the best.

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Are they accurate enough?

As long as you aren’t firing Burst or Auto, sure.

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Anything that uses energy is top notch, turbo laser being a particularly destructive option. Normal laser turret is available if you want something less explosive. If you have a good storage battery array, and good consistent power generation, you get infinite shoot with good amounts of solar and battery. Anything that uses physical ammo is up to personal choice and ammo availability.

Turbolaser cannon makes explosions, but they’re so big they tend to damage the vehicle they’re attached to, and any loot on the thing they shot. Plus if they shoot near you they’ll hurt you, so unless you want to keep one on manual fire for hordes, don’t bother.

V9 laser pistols are the most efficient in terms of energy to damage, A7 laser rifles are a step above in terms of DPS and range, laser cannons are the most damaging, so they deal with armor better, but they also have the lowest efficiency.

If you can manage it an array of V9/A7s will tear apart anything that comes near you.

I mainly use the turbo lasers to clear the road.

Ah, that’s a good point. They’re great for smashing up vehicles.

The turbolaser is the only thing that I’ve managed to kill the sludge crawlers with, so… Worth mounting, but not worth giving it to an AI turret.
I don’t exactly know which weapons are mountable, but from all energy-based weapons, the L.T. Carbine could prove to be the best one. It’s SO cheap to shoot, that you can just spam any horde with it and be a winner. I’ve used it a lot as my main gun, and it would be extremely nice for an AI-controlled turret. I’ve even used one to clear out a necropolis vault. F-P-F-P-F-P-F-P-F-P… Honestly, the best gun I’ve ever used, but not the most cheerful one.

You can kill sludge crawlers fine, they just have a shitload of HP for some reason. I usually just jump out and wail on em with a glaive or let the laser cannon roast them.

I like that idea, I should find an LT carbine for my current necropolis delving…

I dunno, they regenerate as hell. I’ve even tried feeding them with 14 slugs from my KSG, and nothing happened.

I think they only regenerate when they move or something, since I’ve had ones that died in a couple of hits and ones that took dozens. If you leave one alone long enough it gets super tough and takes a while to kill.

I installed a ferromagnetic rail rifle turret and took out a tank drone in one or two shots once.

What about makeshift turrets? like the needler and the ripper?