Arsenal breach: Laser warfare mod

This mod adds laser related weapons and laser weapon mod. Made CDDA to more laser fun environment.


Unzip the file to data > mods folder.

New weapons

Type-38 laser pistol:

“The service sidearm of the Pan Pacific Coalition, the Type-38 is relatively light and nimble laser pistol.”
-Smaller version of the V29 pistol.

Type-40 laser carbine:

“A lightweight laser weapon developed by the Pan Pacific Consortium. This carbine compensates for its lack of firepower with rapid fire rate.”
-SMG version of V29.

Type-41 laser precision rifle:

“A precise, powerful laser weapon with a huge energy consumption. The Pan Pacific Consortium designed this weapon for designated marksmen.”
-DMR version of V29.

Type-37 scatter laser:

“A close-quarter laser weapon developed by the Pan Pacific Consortium. In the early days of laser weapon development, the PPC’s engineers came up with the idea of solving the low accuracy of their laser weapons by fastening several barrels together”
-Shotgun version of V29.

New weapon mods

Heat ray conversion:

“A rare advanced electronics unit that converts a laser weapon into a incendiary heat weapon, at the cost of a decreased damage output and increased power consumption.”

  • Convert laser weapons into a flaming weapon.

Type-39 auxiliary laser:

“The Pan Pacific Consortium Type-39 Laser Auxiliary Weapon System is designed to can be mounted under the barrel of military rifles, allowing continued fighting even when the main weapon’s ammunition is exhausted.”

  • Under barrel version laser pistol.

Focusing unit:

“A set of optics made to fit laser weapons, which will focus the laser beam into a thin high powered beam. This increases range, but reduces pure damage.”

  • The opposite of the beam scatterer.

Optimized capacitor:

“A finely tuned optimized capacitor unit. It significantly reduces power consumption of laser weapons in exchange for damage.”

  • The opposite of the high density capacitor.

Other changes
-Now you can find lower tier laser weapons and weapon mods from military catches.
-Effect of beam scatterer and high density capacitor are moderated slightly.

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Can these be mounted as vehicle turrets? Because it would be awesome if they could. Laser turrets are the best…