UV grow lights and growing indoors to protect plants from harm

Im thinking that some kind of constructable/assembleable growing station( or a pot basement) could be used to grow food, medications, etc in a safe place. You could find growlights at gardening supply, pot basements, megamarts, farms, ranches,etc.

Im thinking that the real benefit of this is that you have as safe an environment as possible to grow your food in. With the nutrient system now in place, its unreql how much time i spend just going out to try to find a certain nutrient

GrowlightsDO take a not insubstantial amount of power, but a good solararray should take care of that.


Sounds reasonable in general, I do think the power requirements are going to be significant, like a roof full of solar panels for a closet-sized grow room.
A skylight is going to be a better option.

The main problem is that, on the ground level, simply having walls with no roof does this just fine, so the advantage would be in having the plants below ground, but there’s currently no way to get power directly from one level to another. Multi-level (obviously immobile) “vehicles” would be REALLY nice, eh?

The benefit of a skylight vs an open ceiling is keeping insects out and potentially controlling light and moisture.

Currently the farming system is very bare - it doesn’t even check for light.

Yes, and we probably don’t want to start doing so, but that doesn’t mean we can’t apply affects like ‘these plants are shielded from some animals that would eat them and extremely bright light, so yield is higher’, based on the enclosure the plant is in.