Planting vegetables in a lab without sun light

Burned down library and fungi in lab.
Planted veggies on dirt in the library.
Will the veggies grow? There is no sunlight.

I’ve heard that plants that have no sunlight (or maybe just light in general) won’t grow. I haven’t had this confirmed but it’s very likely true.

The game now comes with a pot plant mod, might be worth trying those instead

Used to be that all you needed was dirt and time. I say give it a shot and update us. I don’t know if it has changed recently.

I still have to wait 60 more days… I didn’t notice the default season is 91 days.

Do those building with pot growing in the basement still spawn? That would be illogical if we don’t have underground growing options.

It would actually make sense, since the people pre-apocalypse could’ve actually powered lights in their basements, but it seems that most power has gone out so we can’t plant down there.

Perhaps we could follow that path of thought. But as we do not have that system of both electric line + z-level interactions between levels…weeeellllllll… :man_shrugging:

Really? I’m going to have to turn that on and add a hydroponics bay to my underground bunker. With the ability to grow plants underground, I could have a reliable source of food and fuel. In theory, I might even be able to seal my underground city off from the surface entirely if you are able to build a water pump on underground dirt tiles.

I’d be completely siege proof. No need to go to the surface for anything vital for survival.

I’m not saying that it’s intended to work without sunlight though, I’m just saying it might as potted plants don’t work code-wise like normal ones afaik