Utensils and place settings

I think it would be neat if you got an additional bonus for having access to plates and utensils when eating. You already get a bonus for sitting down at a table to eat, maybe also add a check to see if there are anything like plates, knives, forks and spoons in the area and provide a bonus if you have a utensil to eat with and a plate to put your food on.


I quite like the idea of that, if you’re going to get a bonus for sitting at a table might as well go ‘all the way’ with it.

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yea what are the point of utesnils as of right now?

This is a feature I am very much interested in implementing in the game myself.

In addition to the morale boost you mentioned I think having appropriate cutlery in your inventory or near you when eating should also slightly increase the time it takes to eat a meal. The trait Rigid Table Manners should also give a hefty morale penalty for eating without cutlery.

Appropriate cutlery:

  • Spoons - increase morale and consumption time when eating soups.
  • Tablespoons - decrease coffee and tea preparation time.
  • Forks - increase morale and consumption time when eating solid food.

Link to related discourse thread:

I don’t understand why you’d want to use cutlery if it increases the time it takes to eat (apart from the case where you’ve chosen a penalty for not using them). I’d suggest the consumption time should stay the same regardless (i.e. refrain from complicating that code). Providing cutlery should be enough to gain the minor morale boost, so you’d have to either lug them with you or schedule your meals to where you’ve placed them to get the benefit.

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I wouldn’t call a small field cutlery set something to “lug around.” It’s maybe half a pound of metal at most and it only takes up a little more room than a glasses case.

Sure, they’re not heavy, but they’d be another thing to clutter your inventory and you have to make sure you don’t drop when unloading your loot, and another thing that further reduces your carrying capacity, which tends to be rather limited even if your character is a max STR human and you’re looting prepared for stumbling into trouble when looting.